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The Teaser macro uses default teaser styles. You can set custom teaser styles, though, to make the Teaser macro fit your design.

How to create custom teaser styles

As an administrator, you can create custom teaser styles. It's possible to create up to 10 different styles. Please note, though, that only styles set to Active can be used for the Teaser macro.

Navigate to Confluence administration > Linchpin Theme > Configuration > Teaser.

What can I customize?

Customization options include:


A name for your teaser configuration. This name will be displayed inside the "Teaser colors" menu inside the Linchpin Teaser macro.


The background color of your Linchpin Teaser macro.


The color of text in your Linchpin Teaser macro.


The border color around your Linchpin Teaser macro.

You can use a hex value ( for example #000000 for black) or the built-in color picker to select a color.

The Linchpin Teaser macro

Multiple Teaser styles

There are three different types of Linchpin Teasers.

Standard Teaser

The Standard Linchpin Teaser can display an image and text. This teaser will adjust to your image size. Text (if available) is always visible.

Image Teaser

The Image Linchpin Teaser has a fixed size. To see your teaser text, hover over the teaser.

You can also add a button with custom text to your Image Linchpin Teaser.

Icon Teaser

The Icon Linchpin Teaser has a fixed size. To see your teaser text, hover over the teaser.

Configure the Linchpin Teaser

Insert a Linchpin Teaser macro into your page. Click on the Linchpin Teaser macro, then click on edit. You can now configure your Linchpin Teaser macro.

Configuration options

Teaser type

Choose the type of your Teaser macro. Choose between Standard Teaser, Icon Teaser, Image Teaser.

Teaser colors

Choose from a set of predefined colors (set by the administrator).


The title of your teaser. This is a mandatory input.


You can set a link destination for your teaser. Clicking on the teaser will redirect the user to this link. You can link a Confluence page, a website or an image.

If you link a Confluence page, the macro uses the short URL to avoid broken links. Broken links can occur when a page gets renamed or moved.

Enable the Open URL in new tab checkbox if you want your links opened in a new tab.

A linked teaser will show an arrow (>) on the right side.


Choose from a set of predefined icons which will appear in the center of your teaser. Only available for Icon Teasers.

Button text

Enter the text for your button. The button will appear below your teaser title. Only available for Image Teasers.

A button won't be displayed if there is no defined button text. Please note that this input isn't mandatory. If you don't want to display a button, don't include a button text.


Upload or link an image. This image appears above your title.

How to input text into your Teaser macro

To include more text inside your Teaser macro, insert the macro into your page and write your text in the macro body

This text will be displayed below your chosen title.

Teaser types "Image" and "Icon" are available only since version 2.12 of Linchpin Theme. If your version is 2.11 or lower, you can't use those teaser types.

Make sure that your theme is active

Please note: Make sure that Linchpin Theme is active.

Visit our documentation on how to activate your theme to learn more.

This content was last updated on 03/18/2020.

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