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Where to find the space layouts configuration

Navigate to Confluence administration > Linchpin Theme > Space layouts.

Create a new space layout

To create a new space layout, focus on the Create space layout field.

Enter the name for your new space layout. Then click on the Add space layout button.

Configure and apply your space layout

Once the space layout is created, you need to edit it.

Click on the edit  button to enter the configurator.

Administrative settings

Name of space layout

Here you can set a custom name for your space layout. Just input any name you want into this field.

Assigned spaces

Type in the space names which should receive the custom space layout. You can type in multiple spaces.

Assigned space categories

Type in the category names which you labeled the spaces with. All spaces which have the category you enter here assigned to them will receive the custom space layout.

You do not have to use both assign options. You can assign either spaces or space categories.


Now you can customize the layout. This settings are very similar to the global configuration. The following links will help you customize your space layout.

The navigation menu can now be displayed (or hidden) for any space layout individually. While in the edit mode of a space layout, click on the Navigation button and choose to show or hide the navigation menu.

Please note: A space layout will override a global layout configuration.

Please also note: Custom CSS/JavaScript are disabled for space layouts.

If you need to use custom CSS/JavaScript for a specific space, do that in the global configuration. 
A space layout will set a special body attribute which can be used as a CSS or JavaScript selector.

Apply a category label to your space

You can apply categories to your spaces. It's a good way to define a custom layout for multiple spaces at once.

Head over to the space directory. You can access the space directory via the header menu or via footer.

Search for the space which should be assigned a category. Click on the space's name to enter it.

Now, click on the Space tools  button inside the left sidebar. Select Overview from the menu.

In the Space Details tab, find the Categories entry. Click on the [Edit] button.

Type in the name of the category you want to assign to this space, then click on the Add button.

Click on the Done button once you are finished.

If the category you type in doesn't exist yet, the system will create this category automatically for you.

Delete a space layout

Click the edit  button next to the space layout's name.

In the configurator, scroll down until you see the Delete space layout button. Click on the Delete space layout button. Click on the Delete button to confirm the deletion.

Additional Info

This page was last edited on 09/29/2023.