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Where to find menu settings

Navigate to Confluence administration > Linchpin Navigation Menus > Menu Settings.

Alternatively, click on the settings icon in your Linchpin header, then click on Menu. Now choose the Menu Settings tab.

Display options

Menu style

You can choose your menu style. This style will apply to all menu items:


The plain menu style is a classic drop-down layout. It supports up to four levels of menu items.


The flyout menu style displays menu items in a multi-column style. It supports up to three levels of menu items.

Extended flyout

The extended flyout menu style is the best choice if you have a lot of menu items. It needs at least four levels of menu items to look well.

Show menu to not registered users

If your Confluence instance is accessible by anonymous users (as in: not logged in), this setting might interest you.

Click on the show button to active the menu even for users who are not logged in.

Click on the hide button to hide the navigation menu from users who are not logged in.

Menu editors

This setting allows to add specific users or whole user groups to the group of menu editors. Menu editors can edit the menu structure without being administrators.

Users added here will be shown a configuration button to the right side of the menu. With this button they can edit the menu structure.

To add users to this list, input their names into the text field and click on the +Add button.

Unlock menu

If a user starts editing the navigation structure, nobody else can access those settings.

Until the user logs out or his session expires (default admin session expires after 10 minutes), he will be the only one able to edit the menu structure.

Please note: If your admin session expires, you will not able to save your menu.

As a Confluence administrator, you can click on the Unlock now button to regain access to those settings. 

Unlocking the navigation while another user is currently editing it might cause the loss of changes made by this user!

This page was last edited on 09/29/2023.