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Import user data from your IdP

Since Linchpin User Profiles 2.21 it is possible to include IdP as a data source inside the profile editor.

You could create a new profile field and select IdP as a data source. The profile field will then be filled with the information from the identity provider and can not be edited by the user.

Right now, this feature is still in development. We implemented this possibility for other app creators to connect to Linchpin User Profiles.

This being said, this feature relies on other app creators. As of right now, we "just" made it possible to theoretically connect an app like SSO to Linchpin User Profile (or vice versa).

resolution's UserSync

resolution's UserSync app (which is also included in the SAML SSO 5.0 for Confluence app) is compatible with Linchpin User Profiles! 

resolution makes it possible to use an IdP sync with Linchpin. For more info, follow the button below.

Documentation on UserSync integration


If this is a feature you want to see in further development, we kindly ask you to contact us! We are open to listen to any suggestions and would gladly discuss any possibilities with you.

You can use our canny board to give us feedback, submit your own feature idea and vote on other community ideas. You can also contact us via other channels, like the chat on the bottom of every page here. 

Thank you!

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This page was last edited on 09/29/2023.