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Share your company's news with your employees

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Admin Guide

If you are a user of the old Blog Highlights addon, use the above step-by-step guide to easily switch to the new Enterprise News Bundle.

Give certain users in certain spaces the ability to mark a news item as mandatory. Every user who is eligible to read the content will be shown the message in an overlay after logging in. The user has to click a button "Yes, I read this" to close the message.

Tailor your news to your users' needs - individually. Based on profile fields you can select which news to show. This is done via news sections that allow a very fine grained configuration. This feature shows its full strength in combination with our Customer User Profile plugin that allows you to define any number of completely customizable profile fields.

User Guide

Cover Stories are a visually attractive way to present your most important news. Use large images, cite quotes, show playable videos or put a title on a boldly colored background. This way you make a magazine out of your LINCHPIN intranet.

Want to read all the news from certain spaces? A Personal News Feed gives you all the flexibility you need. Don't wait for someone to configure a news feed for you: Just subscribe to the most interesting channels yourself.

Classic top-down communication with a twist: A Corporate News Feed lets the editor define what news to show on a given page, while the use of news sections allow for full personalization.

Whether your news will be shown as Cover Story or in a News Feed: You'll want a visually compelling presentation. The news teaser macro gives you a great selection of options.

Need to convey an information of utmost importance to all of the users of your intranet? A Mandatory News makes sure no one misses it.

Your confluence has lots and lots of spaces, and you are organizing them by means of space categories? The macro Spaces by category lets you show them in a simple list on any page you want - including the option to directly add those spaces to a Personal News Feed.

1.0 Release Notes

Initial Release: Share your company's news with your employees

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