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Enterprise News Bundle

Share your company's news with your employees

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Create and read news within your intranet

In this documentation you'll read "news" and "blog posts". Technically both are the same. So if we use one term or the other, please don't be confused.

Creating a news item with the Enterprise News bundle is as easy as creating a blog post inside a standard confluence. In fact, it's the same thing. For larger corporations the standard blog functionality is not enough to model a complex news concept. The Enterprise News Bundle offers a selection of macros to do that, along with tools for creating visually appealing dashboards and news pages, personalization for certain user groups or even users and a set of social features to increase their users' involvement. 

Good looking content no matter where it's displayed

As someone who writes news you don't have to know exactly where your news will be displayed. Even if you insert a News Teaser macro with Cover Stories in mind, that same news item will be displayed nicely within Corporate or Personal News Feeds.  

Social features to increase involvement

In Cover Stories, Corporate and Personal News Feeds there's always the option to like, comment and share the news. People are used to this kind of functionality and pleased to use them in their intranet, too. Of course information like the "like status" or number of comments is shown consistently over all macros of the Enterprise News Bundle.  

Personalization as a key feature

There's nothing more personal than the Personal News Feed. This macro allows users to decide, what news they want to read there. Corporate News Feed an Cover Stories macros are configured by an admin or editor, but they still offer a high level of personalization via the use of news sections. They allow for a personalized news stream based on the reader's profile information.


1.2 Release Notes

Choose news sources more flexibly and mark news as sticky to keep them visible 

New Features:

  • You can now configure news sources more flexibly than ever before: Select zero or more spaces and/or zero or more labels to choose the blog posts to be displayed in our news macros.
  • Mark blog posts as "sticky" to keep them above regular posts within the Corporate and Personal News Feed macros, regardless of their publish date.
  • Define the date when a blog post will lose this "sticky" status, so you won't have to clean up your feeds manually.
  • Add a kicker line to blog posts to classify your news thematically. The kicker will be shown near the title in our news macros.



  • Our news macros now show a "read more" link in addition to the clickable title.
  • The user interface to define metadata such as publication and expiry dates or the new sticky status has been completely redesigned.


  • The "open in new tab" option for the web feed macro now works correctly.
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This content was last updated on 03/07/2019.

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