Professionalization of the strategic focus of Linchpin products

Since the launch of Linchpin and the release of the individual Linchpin apps on the Atlassian marketplace, we have continued to further develop our products. From several, individual app modules we've been able to combine everything into one seamless solution: the Linchpin Intranet Suite.

In order to continue offering a professional product, we want to implement changes and solutions in order to meet the demands for more productivity and efficiency.

Phasing out the sale of Linchpin navigation menus

The Linchpin Navigation Menus have been a part of the Linchpin Theme app since August 2019 (with the release of version 2.19.1). We will be phasing out the Linchpin Navigation Menus, in order to merge their functionality with the Linchpin theme app and thus it will cease to exist as a singular app.  Effective immediately, no new purchase or license extension through the //Seibert/Media marketplace will be possible.  However, the Linchpin Navigation Menus app will still be available on the Atlassian Marketplace until February 2020 after which it will be completely phased out. 

Possibility of continued usage and validity of your support claims

For the customers who are using both the Linchpin Navigation Menus and Linchpin Theme apps, not much will change. The functionality has shifted and the you now can now find the configuration interface under Linchpin Theme → Navigation.  You will not need to migrate the Linchpin Navigation Menus app.

For the customers who are only using the Linchpin Navigation Menus app but not the Linchpin Theme app, will now have to get the Linchpin Theme app in order to still use the features of the Linchpin Navigation Menus. As long as you are using a version of Confluence that still supports the last available version of the Linchpin Navigation Menus app, you can continue to use it, otherwise the functionality will not be available for you to use.

You will still be entitled to support for the term that you purchased.

Migration to Linchpin Theme app is free of charge

For the customers who are currently only using the Linchpin Navigation Menus app, you will have the opportunity to migrate over to the Linchpin Theme app free of charge.

Regardless of how you purchased the license (whether from us, another Atlassian Marketplace vendor or via Self Service), you will receive a Linchpin Theme app license code at no cost to you. The license is valid for a period of 12 months after which you will need to extend the license at the regular price.

Should you have any questions regarding licenses or want to discuss your options, please don't hesitate to contact  We will be more than happy to help you in any way we can.

Functions and Advantages of the Linchpin Theme app 

With the Linchpin Theme app you will be able to quickly change the user interface of your Confluence instance and brand it with your corporate design. What this means is, that you will be able to use your own company logo and customise colors for the navigation, header, buttons.  One of the most important features the app offers is different options for visual elements such as teaser graphics.

You can view all available functions in Linchpin Themes, here.

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