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Enterprise News Bundle

Share your company's news with your employees

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Give new users a set of spaces for their personal news subscriptions

General Concept 

The Enterprise News Bundle comes with the ability for users to subscribe to certain spaces they are interested in. The macro Personal News Feed (and starting with version 2.2 of the Enterprise News Bundle, the Cover Stories macro in a certain configuration) then display news from those spaces the user has subscribed to. 

For a new user, though, theses news feeds start empty, because he or she hasn't subscribed to anything yet. As Personal News Feed macros often are used on dashboards, that makes for a bad first impression. 

Therefore we introduced default subscriptions in version 2.2. As an admin you can set one ore several spaces to be default subscription spaces. New users will have them assigned to their subscriptions. Later on, the users can edit those subscriptions, adding new spaces and unsubscribing from existing ones, but they never start out with empty news feeds. 


Within the Confluence Administration, look for the entry "Default news subscriptions".

There's only one input field. Simply start typing the name of the space you want to set as a default space for subscriptions. An autocomplete will offer matching spaces. Select one, and it will be added. Start typing in the name of a second space, and so on. You can set as many spaces as defaults as you want.

If you want to remove a space, klick on the x of the respective entry.

Click the Save button to complete your configuration

Default spaces only have an effect on new users. A user who already has his or her own subscriptions will not be affected.

Also, if you add another space later, this again will only affect new users.

Taking away a space from the defaults will not cause this space to be unsubscribed for the users.

These default spaces aren't mandatory subscriptions - users can always opt to unsubscribe from these spaces.

The only thing a user cannot do is having no subscriptions at all: If he or she does so, the default spaces will be applied again.


Enterprise News Bundle

Share your company's news with your employees

See the documentation for your Release

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