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What's new? 

 Version 1.4

 Version 1.5


Not only did the Cover Stories receive a major facelift - there's also a bunch of completely new configuring options. 

This guide lets you make the most of it. 


When updating the Enterprise News Bundle to version 1.5, you should pay attention to a few details, which are explained on this page.

After the update, your page layout may look a bit different. This is due to the new design of the tiles, which, by default, are a little bit higher than before.

In addition, some CSS classes and also the structure of the construction have changed. This only applies to you if you have previously worked with individual customizations, for example on your theme.

Manually coded configurations of the Cover Stories via custom CSS (e.g. to hide details such as author names, etc.) probably no longer work in the new version. Now, you can easily configure such adjustments in the macro.

Tip: To find all the pages that contain the Cover Stories macro, simply enter the "macroName: cover-stories" in the Confluence search.

Layout & Sources – Treat your users to impressive pictures

With version 1.5 you can optionally configure the tile height for a customized look.

If you do not enter a value here, the new standard height of 400px will be used.

Already defined settings of sources and layout are automatically adopted by version 1.4.



Slides – Let your users browse through Cover Stories


With the update you are no longer bound to the static display of a fixed number of tiles.

The new slides allow you to actively browse through many defined news items – as in a magazine.

This function is purely optional and can be switched on or off.


Tile Elements – Configure your Cover Stories (almost) any way you like


The facelift of the tiles includes, in addition to rounded corners, the hover function.

The slimmer design also provides the option to configure the visibility of the elements at predefined positions.

Define with click-selection-options in the configuration

  • whether you want to include a hover
  • which content is displayed by default without hovering
  • which information can only be seen when hovering


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