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Enterprise News Bundle

Share your company's news with your employees

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General Concept 

News Categories supply corporate communications departments with a professional news classification system.

Traditionally, Confluence labels are restricted to only lower case letters and no special characters. Additionally, content labels can be created from scratch by anyone with editing permissions on that content.

News Categories on the other hand are editorially managed by your Confluence instance's administrators and they may contain any characters Confluence allows in regular content. Furthermore, all of our macros support filtering for categories – and clicking a category displays all of its news in a clean overlay feed. 

Step 1: Create News Categories

Add a category with a distinctive name of your choosing and click save to create it. This name will be used when configuring macros, so make sure your users will understand what you mean by it.

Step 2: Check Your Categories


Check to see if your category is right. If you want, you can delete or edit it now. You don't need to rush. In case someone tags a news entry with a category you were going to rename, don't fret: We'll migrate that change for you.

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