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Duplicate Content Defender - Documentation

The Duplicate Content Defender ("DCD") helps to prevent duplicated pages from being created.

See the documentation for your Release


1.1.9 Release Notes

Enabled compatibility for Confluence Data Center


  • This plugin is now Data Center compatible.

1.1.8 Release Notes

Confluence 6.1 compatibility release

1.1.7 Release Notes

Fixed Confluence 6 compatibility


  • In the previous version there was a bug regarding license checking. This has been fixed.

1.1.6 Release Notes

Confluence 6 compatibility release

Known issue

We've monitored some issues with concurrent editing if you do this: User A starts creating a page, shares the URL manually to another user, then enters the page title but nothing else. User B changes that title, enters some content and publishes the page. User A aborts his editing. But honestly, who on earth would do that? (smile)

1.1.5 Release Notes

Fixed issue with fancybox


  • Fixed javascript issue with fancybox on loading

1.1.4 Release Notes

Confluence 5.10 compatibility release


  • The DCD resources are only loaded in the add or edit page context

1.1.3 Release Notes

The Duplicate Content Defender now works with Confluence Server versions up to 5.9


  • Representation of html search results in the preview overlay

1.1 Release Notes

This is the first public release of our Duplicate Content Defender plugin! (smile)


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