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Release Notes 1.2.1


  • We fixed a bug which concerned the attachments preview in Confluence 7.x.

Please note: The problem fixed in this release does not appear in Confluence versions lower than 7.0. Instead, the patch does not work properly for these versions. So, please, do not update if you use Confluence 6.13 LTS (long term support)!

Release Notes 1.2.0


  • We are happy to announce Confluence 7.12 compatibility for the Dot Menu app.


  • We improved the web resource management.


  • The dot menu is available on the space removal page now.

Release Notes 1.1.2


  • internal improvements and reduced file size

Release Notes 1.1.1


  • open action in new tab by pressing CTRL/CMD + ENTER


  • show an error message if actions cannot be loaded
  • always set focus to the input when opening the Dot Menu
  • always show suggestions when typing during loading of actions
  • show any possible action even if some web items cannot be fetched correctly


  • respect the context path of the Confluence instance
  • fixed an issue which prevented to submit forms

Release Notes 1.0

First release to offer the Dot Menu for Confluence.

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This page was last edited on 05/06/2021.