Use the Event Hub to find events in your organization.

Visit the Event Hub

The new Event Hub makes your events easily discoverable. Here you can find an overview of all future and past events. Each event displays all important information at one glance, such as the date and time, title or description and other useful information. Of course, every event offers a button to join an event or sign out of it again.

In the top left corner of the event hub you can select what events you wish to view. You can view either upcoming or past events. In the top right corner, you can select how events are displayed within the Event Hub (choose between tile view and list view), create a new event or leave feedback for Easy Events. 

View event participants

Want to know who might attend your event? No worries: You can take a look at the list of participants for any event.

This content was last updated on 07/27/2022.

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