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Linchpin User Profiles - Documentation

Create a meaningful and up to date profile

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2.5 Release Notes

Turn text fields into static or dynamic links and display them in your profiles.

New Features:

  • Text fields can now be set to static or dynamic links by the Administrator. They can contain individual and specific links to further information, such as social media profiles, external tools, etc.


  • The macros "Custom User List" and "Custom User Search" now have field selection drop-downs sorted by field categories.
  • The performance of the profile view has been improved in conjunction with dependent fields.


  • Fixed an issue regarding the connection to Skype For Business when there was no internet connection.
  • The "manager" fields DN will now be resolved into the confluence user name and can now be correctly used in the OrgChart or displayed in the Profile.

Important Note:

The "custom landing spaces" have been moved, you can find this feature in our Linchpin Theme Plugin. There is a migration process so that there should be no need to reconfigure your landing spaces.

Have you found a bug or a missing feature? Please contact us via Let's build a great product together!

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