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How to start

The home of Linchpin Cloud is available here. Use your Gmail-Account or Apple ID to login or signup first with your Email and password.

When you're logged in, you have the possibility to create a workspace from scratch or start with some demonstration content we've created for you.  We will show you how it works if you choose "from scratch", because the demonstration system works similar (smile) 

Start from scratch

Click the "From Scratch"-Button. All we need to know now is how we should name your workspace. Don't worry, you can change the name afterwards. Last step: Click on "Create" and give us some seconds. You'll enter the dashboard when the set up of your workspace is done. 

Start with demonstration content

If you choose "Pre-Filled", you will see some demonstration news on the dashboard from our mascots Nancy, Jack and Alex. You can also find them at the people directory. When you don't need this demo content any more, you can go ahead and delete those news and accounts and start working with your own information.


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