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Besides functional notices, which help your users to personalize their Linchpin experience, you can also create simple, text-based notices.

Prior to Linchpin Intranet Suite 3.4, Linchpin Pings was called Linchpin Assistant.

What are notices

Notices are great reminders. A notice can be displayed once or regularly (for example on a daily basis). When a user visits the dashboard and a new notice is available, it will be displayed as a pop-up window.

Notices can remind users to subscribe to news or fill out their profiles!

Create a text notice

To create a text notice, navigate to Confluence administration → Linchpin → Pings.

Inside the text field Name of the new notice, enter a name for your notice. This name won't be displayed for users.

Select Text as the type of your notice.

Click on the Create notice button.

Configure a notice

Within the notice configuration, enable the Active the notice slider button (green = active).

In the Display options section, enter the title of your notice. 

In the Content configuration section, enter the text which should be displayed to users.

In the Schedule section, you can decide how often the notice should be displayed.

Notice is shown regularly

Activate this box and the notice will be shown over and over again. Enter the number of days to set the regularity.

Notice is shown only once

Activate this box and the notice will only be shown once.

Validity period (optional)

Here you can set a start and expiration date for the notice. The notice will not be displayed before the start date. The notice will not be displayed after the expiration date.

This page was last edited on 10/13/2022.