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How to create news

Create a blog post

If you want to share news with your colleagues, you will have to create a blog post.

To create a blog post, click on the Create button inside the Linchpin header. Select a space you want to publish the news in and select the blog post template.

Enter the content of your news

In the now open editor, enter the content of your news. You can use text, images, GIFs, links and Confluence macros. 

The changes you make to your news are saved automatically.

Enhance your news

Now that you have created a news, it's time to add elements like a teaser image, a preview text and a headline.

Click on the Additional information for this blog post button at the top of the screen. 

A new mask will open. You can enhance your news in various ways. You can set the news to be "sticky" and always on top of other news; You can categorize your news; You can create a teaser etc.

Follow these links to learn how to enhance your news:

What else can I do with Linchpin Enterprise News?

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