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On this page we will explain how to configure content groups. Content groups link the personalized pages to the values of user profiles.

What is a content group?

A content group links personalized pages to user profile values. It allows to create personalized content.

You can create several content groups. Every element which you want to personalize should have its own content group. For example, if you wish to personalize the right side of the dashboard, create a content group named "Dashboard right".

How to configure a content group?

Navigate to Confluence administration > Linchpin Personalized Content > Configure.

Alternatively, click on the settings button in your Linchpin header, then click on the Personalized Content link.

Configure the personalization values

Select the Personalization tab.

The content displayed by Linchpin Personalized Content is based on user profiles information.

The attributes you choose here relate directly to user profiles.

For our example we select the field Department and click on Save.

You don't have to use all three attributes. But you can use several attributes to create a more precise personalization.

Please note that if you do use several attributes, all attributes must match with the info inside the user profiles.

For example:

If you only select department as your attribute and link it to the IT department, every IT coworker will see the personalized content.

If you select department and branch as your attributes and link them to the IT department and the Washington branch, all IT coworkers from Washington will see the personalized content. Other IT coworkers who work for different branches will not see the personalized content.

Create a content group

Now switch to the Content Groups tab.

To create a new content group, click on the + Add content group button.

A pop-up window will open. Enter a name for the content group and click on the OK button.

Add pages to a content group

Now you can start to add pages to the content group.

Enter the name of the page in the left column. A drop-down menu will open. From there, you can select the right page.

In the right column, you have to enter the user profile values configured under the Personalization tab.

Once done, click on the Save button.

To add more personalized content, click on the + Add button.

To delete personalized content, click on the delete button  next to the column you wish to delete.

How many fields appear in this configuration depends on your configuration of the Personalization tab.

How to use personalized content

Your personalized content is now ready to use. You can access it via the Profile based content macro. You can insert this macro anywhere in Confluence.