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On this page we will explain how you can configure content groups, to show personalized content on pages and dashboards.

What is a content group?

In order to show personalized content to your users, you need to add it to a content group first. This content group can then be used to show variants of a content on a page or the dashboard to you users. So if you want to personalize the right side of your Confluence Dashboard, you need to create a content group for it and assign all content, that should be displayed there.

How to configure a content group?

To configure Linchpin Personalized Content you need administration privileges for your Confluence. Head over to the Confluence administration, then select Configure in the left sidebar under Linchpin Personalized Content.

Select Personalization

In order to personalize the content select the Personalization tab. The content shown by Linchpin Personalized Content will be based on the users profile information. For our example we select the field Department and click on Save.

Create a content group

Now switch to the tab Content Groups and click on the Add content group button.

In the pop-up you need to give the content group a name, that you will later use to embed the content into a page or on a dashboard. To follow our example, name the content group Dashboard right and click OK to proceed.

Add pages to a content group

Now you can start to add pages to the content group. I have already created two pages Titled "Dashboard IT", which will be shown to members of the IT department and "Dashboard Marketing", which will be shown to members of the Marketing department. You can search for pages by starting to type in the tile and select a page by clicking on it in the suggestion list.

Specify values for personalization

Next to the column with the pages you see a column titled Department. This is because in the first step we set up the Department field for the personalization. Now you can specify members of which department will see which of the dashboards.

When you are finished, remember to click Save, to save your configuration. Now you can use the content group in a personalized content macro, anywhere in Confluence.

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