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What is the Corporate News Feed macro?

The Corporate News Feed macro allows you to insert a news feed into any page. Furthermore, this macro can be used to display personalized news.

To use the Corporate News Feed macro, insert the macro into any page you wish to use it on.

News source configuration

Select the source(s) for your news.

If you don't configure anything and simply insert the macro into any page and publish said page, the macro will display news from all kind of sources.

News sections

If you wish to display personalized news, select News sections. A dropdown menu will display all existing news section - select the ones you wish to use.

If you want to define more news sections for personalization, please refer to Define news sections (personalization).

Please note that personalization is only available for the Linchpin Intranet Suite.


Allows you to select spaces from which the news should originate. If you enter a space here, only news located within said space will be displayed.

Furthermore you can also define labels. If you select a label here, only news containing this label will be displayed.

If you define both, spaces and labels, only news which fit both criteria will be displayed.


If you enter two spaces or more, the macro will display news from all of those spaces (OR-logic: "Get news from space1 OR space2 OR space3.").

"Did you know about logical operators and wildcards? Click here to find how to include those."

An example

Space: Washington News

Label: employees

Result: Only news located within the Washington News space and containing the employees label will be displayed.

Please Note

If you specify a space and multiple labels, the displayed news have to be located in the specified space(s) AND have to be tagged with ALL of the specified labels!


Leave the Label(s) field empty to display news tagged with any label.

Leave the Space(s) field empty to display news from any space.

Leave both fields empty to display news from all over the system.

Linking labels with OR

If you need to link labels with an OR-operator, there is a workaround available.

Define a news section in the admin interface. 

Then, select News section in the macro's configuration.

Please read Define news sections (personalization) for more information.

News categories

To display news of a certain category, select the option News categories.

A dropdown menu will open, showing you all existing categories to choose from. Select the categories you wish to use as a filter for the displayed news.


If you specify multiple categories, only news tagged with ALL of those categories (category1 AND category2 AND category3) will be displayed.

Leave the field empty to display news of any category.

Layout configuration


There are two main view/layout options you can choose from.

Default view

Contains a preview image, social features (likes, comment number), information about space, category, author and publication date and an excerpt.

You can hide single elements if you want to make the default view more compact.

Compact view

Can be reduced to a simple news title.

Can furthermore display information about the publication date, the author and the category of the news article.

Previous news configuration

Here you can define what the navigation for previous news should look like.

Scrolling via arrows

This option will display two arrows below the initially loaded news.

Use the arrow pointing downwards to scroll to older news. The arrow pointing upwards will bring you back to recent news.

Optionally, if you loaded a lot of news, you can use the Back to top button to get to recent news more quickly.

Loading via button

This option will display a button called Show older news below the initially loaded news. Clicking the button will load older news.

The macro will get longer the more news you load via the button. To hide older news again, please refresh the page.

This is also the default setting.

Options configuration

Here you specify the number of news to display initially.

News are displayed in a chronological order, so the most recent news will be displayed first. Older news will be hidden behind a button/navigation arrows.

The default settings will initially display 5 news articles.

Activate the Open links in new window checkbox if you want to open news in a new tab. Let it unchecked if you want to be redirected to the news article within the same tab.

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This page was last edited on 10/13/2023.