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JIRA version 7.0.0 and up


The plugin allows for automatically making issues created by one user visible for team members. The users can be grouped into organizational units.


To use the plugin you must create a Custom Field. The group or unit from that Custom Field is used to set the Participants.  You have different options to use the plugin.

Option 1:  You already grouped your users in JIRA Groups and want to set the users of one group as Participants. Create a Custom Field of type Group Picker (single group) and name it "Participant Group". You could also use a Custom Field of type Group Picker (multiple group).

Option 2: Create a  Custom Field of type Unit Picker. After creation of the field, the field must be configured. In the configuration you can define units, which bundle various JIRA groups. 

Here is how the plugin works: The plugin checks by creation or update of an Issue which group(s) or unit the reporter is in and set this group(s) or unit in the created Custom Field. All users in these groups or units will be added to the issue as participant. 
The next section is a detailed description of the different options.     

The following versions can be used:

When creating a group picker custom field named “participant group”, this field will the be used to determine the participants. When creating an issue or changing the reporter, the first group where the reporter is a member will be chosen as “participant group”.
Other groups where the reporter is a member will be ignored. In general, the JIRA standard groups such as “jira administrators”, “jira service desk users” and “jira software users” will also be ignored. When determining the users of a group, generally users from cascading groups will be considered.

When creating a group picker (multiple group) custom field named “participant group(s)”, this field will be used for determining the participants. When creating issues or changing the reporter, all groups where the reporter is present will be set as “participant groups”.

Alternatively to the group pickers known in JIRA, you can also bundle various JIRA groups into units. The advantage is that not all groups where the user is a member, will be considered for determining the participants.
In order to use units, create a custom field type participant unit picker. You can then configure the field in order to create organizational units.


When creating issues or changing the reporter, the first organizational unit where the reporter is present will be set in the participant unit picker. Other organizational units where the reporter is also a member will be ignored.

Manual changes

Service Desk agents can manually change the units to determine participants. Users of the previously set group(s) will be removed and new users will be added as participants. Manually added participants remain. Changes in groups or organizational units will not lead to an update of all connected issues.


It is currently not possible to manually select which custom field will be used to determine participants. The field is determined automatically based on the following rule: If there is one (or more) participant unit pickers, use the first participant unit picker that is found. If no Participant unit picker is available, use the first group field (single or multi) which begins with “Participant Group”.

Currently the Participant Unit Picker custom field does not support different configuration scheme context.

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