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Linchpin User Profiles - Documentation

Create a meaningful and up to date profile

See the documentation for your Release

View Profile

This is what your profile could look like!

The profile page is extended by the Custom User Profile. It displays all (filled) profile categories and their properties which are retrieved from LDAP or set by the user. Also it shows a big profile picture, which is a larger version of your avatar.

Edit Profile


Only fields that can be edited by the user will be shown

In the right top corner of your profile page you find an edit link to change your profile data. It will show a form containing all fields you are allowed to edit.

Your Admin can add new fields, which you can edit yourself. Some field are remote filled, by a so called user directory (e.g. LDAP), these fields cannot be edited by users, ask your administrator for further information.

Profile Macro


The default view mode shows all fields that your admin has configured

The user profile macro is a preinstalled Confluence macro which we overwrite to display additional information about a user. It displays all fields that the administrator explicitly marked for display in the vCard.

You can choose between view mode "default" and "custom":

  • default: Uses fields configured by your administrator.
  • custom: Uses custom fields from the macro configuration.

Upload Profile Picture

After uploading a profile picture you can crop it

Your administrator can choose between different sources for your profile picture. If the option "Upload Profile Picture" is set, you are able to Upload your own avatar and profile picture. The functionality is pretty much the same as the the way provided by confluence.

Profile Completion Assistant

After uploading a profile picture you can crop it

The content of user fields extends the information about you and can help others to find persons and experts.

If the Profile Completion Assistant is enabled by your administrator, a dialog will appear if you haven't filled all mandatory fields.

You can skip the filling, but the overlay will appear on every login or page reload. If all required fields are filled the dialog will disappear and you can edit your settings as described above (Edit Profile)

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