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How to access the Launchpad

To access these three sections click on the compass icon and then on Launchpad.

All Apps

The first section in the sidebar underneath Discover is called "All Apps".

This shows all apps you have installed. The apps are divided into categories, e.g. Atlassian Software or Business Trips.

All categories are listed in the sidebar underneath "Categories".

Click on the star icon to mark an app as a favorite

To unfavorite it, click on the star icon again.

All favorited apps will automatically be displayed in the "My Apps" section.

My Apps

In the sidebar the second section is called "My Apps".

This shows all apps you have favorited previously. If your intranet offers a wide selection of apps, of which you are using only a small amount regularly, this is especially useful. 

By favoriting apps, you have quick access to the apps you use most often. Moreover, you can display those on any page within your intranet.

For more information, visit My Apps.

Mandatory Apps

There are different status with different stars display:

  • mandatory app (grey star)
  • favored app (blue star)
  • not favored app (blue lined star)

The mandatory apps can be personalized based on your profile information. For example, there could be mandatory apps based on your language, your division or other criteria.

To configure a mandatory app see how to display an app as mandatory.


The mandatory apps will automatically be added to your "My Apps" section and can't be unfavored (the grey star next to the app is disabled).

Recommended Apps

Depending on the way your administrator configured the App Center, there might be a section "Recommended Apps".

These recommendations can be personalized based on your profile information, see Recommended Apps.

For example, there could be recommendations based on your language, your division or other criteria. This helps you selecting important apps, but they'll only show up in your "My Apps" section if you favorite them manually.


If you don't see any recommended apps, this feature was probably not configured by your admin.


Apps can be assigned to one or more categories. This can be useful if you have a large amount of Apps. Within a category you can have nested categories. 

In the image on the left the normal categories are "Atlassian Software" and "Marketing", whereas "Marketing" contains a sub category "Social Media".

For further information visit App Categories.

Unassigned Apps

All Apps without a category will be shown within the "All Apps" under the section Unassigned Apps.

Suggest an App

You have the option to suggest an app, so that admins can offer it within the launchpad for everyone.

For further information visit What are Suggested App?.

This page was last edited on 09/28/2023.