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You can help your events to gain popularity even more now. Upload a picture (or insert one via Unsplash!) and make it the full size of the event to make it special.

Image on top vs. background image

There are two possible image formats in Linchpin Events.

Image on top

The classical look.

The upper part of the event card will be filled with an image of your choice. The bottom part (roughly 70% of the event card) will remain fully white.

Background image

The new and more modern look.

The chosen image will cover the whole event card. Images will be automatically darkened so that the white text is always easily readable.


Create or edit an event.

Upload an image or search for an image using the built-in Unsplash search.

Activate the Background image button in the Image format section.

The event creation wizard will automatically crop and position the image so it looks nicely.

Save the event.

This page was last edited on 10/13/2022.