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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I create a rule in AutoPage for a project with pre-existing processes?

No pages are generated for existing issues when you define the rule. Pages are not generated until you make a change to an issue.
If you want to generate pages for all existing issues, you can make a change to the issues using the Bulk Change function.
Alternatively, you can use the ScriptRunner for Jira app. Using the built-in script "Generate events" you can create an "update" event for the issues. AutoPage will then create Confluence pages for the issues.

How can I use graphics in Confluence templates?

AutoPage does not copy attachments on the template page when generating pages. However, graphics can still be used by linking to the image file in the Confluence template.

You can add the graphics to the Confluence page as usual and use links to replace them.

To do this, select the graphic and select "Copy image address" from the browser's right-click menu.

Delete the image. Then select Insert Image from the Confluence toolbar. Now select "Images from the web" in the macro and paste the copied URL.

You will now see the image on generated Confluence pages.

How can I link to pages that are yet to be created in such a way that they are opened directly in edit mode when a user clicks on the link?

The URL must be in this format: CONFLUENCE_BASE_URL/pages/editpage.action?spaceKey=SPACE&title=PAGE_TITLE


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This content was last updated on 04/03/2018.

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