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Editors can approve or reject news. If you want to reject a news article, you need to enter a reason.

Who can approve or reject news?

Only editors can approve or reject news.

Editors are defined when the news approval workflow is activated and is active on a space level. This means that editors have to be defined for every space which should use the news approval workflow.

Define editors

Navigate to the space tools of a space in which you want to setup an approval workflow.

Click on the  Space tools button, then click on the Permissions button.

Here, select the News Approval Workflow tab.

In the Users / groups field, enter the users or user groups that should be able to edit, approve or reject blog posts.

Want everyone to be able to publish news again? Remove all editors from the News Approval Workflow tab! 

News scheduling overview

The news scheduling overview is the heart of news approval and rejection.

Here you can view all news which are scheduled or simply waiting for an approval.

To enter the news scheduling overview, click on your profile picture within the header. In the now open context menu, click on the News scheduling overview button.

Approve news

To approve a news article, click on the  edit button in the article's row.

The news article will open. 

Click on the highlighted Approve button.

Reject news


If you wish to reject a news article, you will have to state why an article was rejected.

This reason will be presented to the author so that they can make according changes.

To reject a news article, click on the  edit button in the article's row.

The news article will open. 

Click on the Reject button.

A text input field will open. Enter the reason for the rejection. Click on the Reject button beneath your text.

This content was last updated on 10/21/2020.

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