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1.1 Release Notes

We improved the look of Apps and AppCenter - also the handling for admins.


  • AppCenter and App tile redesign
  • Support for several image formats and sizes as App icons (Learn more)
  • Default icon for new Apps (Learn more)
  • Support for long, multiline App titles
  • Mandatory Apps, which are automatically added to the users' myApps (dependent on filter fields)
  • Bulk edit to change several apps at once

Upgrading from previous solutions (AppStore, Bookmarks plugin)

In previous solutions recommended apps were favorited automatically. This feature has been removed for App Center 1.0. There's a new feature on our roadmap for mandatory apps, so you can assign certain apps to certain users based on their profile information. If this information changes, the set of mandatory apps will change accordingly.

(warning) If there's a macro (Apps or MyApps) integrated in a theme supplied by us before release of App Center 1.0, it might be necessary to upgrade your theme. Please contact us before upgrading to App Center 1.0. Also, you'll have to manually uninstall the previous solution (AppStore or Bookmarks plugin). Configured apps and users' favorites will still be there after the upgrade.  

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