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We gathered some recommendations for using Team Calendars in an Extranet setup.

How to use Team Calendars in an Extranet?

Every calendar is assigned to a space. This is important as Space Privacy cannot fully control or filter information inside an event. Please make sure to only create events in the right (Extranet) space, to prevent the exposure of sensitive user or group data.

This is essential when working with shared non-extranet spaces (Advice for shared non-extranet spaces) or personal spaces.

Administrators and internal user are able to select managed groups.

Adding a group to Calendar restrictions may expose them.

New in 3.5.3: Secured functions 

Extranet users may not set calendar restrictions for groups. The button "Groups..." (marked in red) is hidden for Extranet users, whereas administrators and internal users may still see it.


  • Always check the current calendar and the related (Extranet) space, when creating events, as this might expose usernames.
  • We highly recommend to be careful with restrictions in a calendar. Especially edit permissions for Extranet users.
  • Be careful with adding group restrictions in an Calendar of an Extranet. Those group names are visible to editors (potentially Extranet users).
  • Do not use managed groups for Calendar restrictions.

This page was last edited on 10/11/2022.