Technical requirements for direct printing

The following requirements have to be met for direct printing on a printer:

  • A network compatible printer or printer server (spooler) with an individual URL to enter print requests to the printer queue
  • Availability of the printer or printer server for the JIRA instance within IT infrastructure
  • Printer or printer server must support IPP and Postscript print

Global Configuration

Global configuration can be accessed via JIRA administration > Add-ons > InstaPrinta > Configuration. The interface contains both the configuration for InstaPrinta and a section to manage all InstaPrinta templates.

InstaPrinta Global Configuration

Activate Printing Function

  • Hides the context menu point for direct printing in the InstaPrinta menu.

Printer URL

  • Indication of printer URL for direct printing. It can be an IP based or a domain based URL.

Groups with Printing Permissions

  • Configuration of JIRA user groups that have permission to print - reduces visibility of the direct print button for individual user groups. Only users in defined groups see the menu item for direct printing. Leave empty to allow groups to print. This does not affect pdf creation.

Global Standard Template

  • Based on the pre-selection of a template in the InstaPrinta menu for print or pdf creation.

Activate QuickCard

  • Activates InstaPrinta in the JIRA Agile “Backlog” view

Activate InstaPrinta in the Backlog

  • Activates InstaPrinta in the JIRA Agile “Active Sprints” view.

Activate InstaPrinta in Sprints

  • Activates InstaPrinta in the JIRA Agile “Active Sprints” view.

InstaPrinta Templates

List of all installed templates. The templates can be activated, deleted and downloaded for editing and uploaded again:

Template NameStandard in ProjektTemplate activatedAction

The name given to the template

List of all projects that define the template as standard template.

If selected, the template will be available for selection in the InstaPrinta menu. The standard template can not be deactivated.

Enables downloading of the template in SXL format and deleting of the template.

Templates used as standard can not be deleted.

Button "Recreate original Templates "

  • The InstaPrinta comes with a series of sample templates. These are available with the first installation and activated for use. They can be reinstalled via the template administration if necessary, for example if they were deleted. If templates with the same name are desired, they are never overwritten. For a new installation of the example templates, templates with the same name need to be manually deleted via the template administration.

Button "Upload new Template"

  • Opens a dialogue to upload a new template or to overwrite an existing template.


Project Configuration

Settings can be changed for every project. Project configuration can be found in the admin area of a project under "InstaPrinta". All fields will initially be grey. The settings can be changed via activating the check box for project configuration for this project. If the checkmark is not selected, it will default to global InstaPrinta configuration. Most settings of global configuration can be edited for every individual project.

Creation of own templates with the help of XSLT and XSL-FO

Please see the InstaPrinta for JIRA - Template Creation Guide 2.1.0 for more information concerning template creation.

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