(Release 3.3) Easy Events RSVP - Admin Guide 1.10

Create meeting pages with ease and let users RSVP with one click

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Configure event categories, so that your users can freely assign them to their events.

Easily configure your event categories. Once set, your users will be able to assign those categories to their events. Also, those categories can be used to filter events, both in the "Event Calendar" macro and the "Event List" macro.

You can create, rename and delete categories in this very simple interface.

Event Header

With this new release you receive an easy access to your events. You can access your events via the new menu button in the Confluence navigation. However, if you want to hide this link, simply disable the following module in your add-on configuration: "easy-events-app-header-web-item".

(Warnung) Please note: Users will still gain access to the event hub if they have the correct link.

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