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  • User Guide 2.5 - Space Conversion
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Switch an existing space to an Extranet Space

You can switch an already existing Confluence space to an Extranet Space.

Just open the Space tools --> Overview and click on the tab "Convert Space to Extranet". 

The space description will have a 'Extranet Space' prefix and a space label 'extranet' after conversion

Converters of an Extranet will automatically get the Extranet Manager Role, to make sure they can make changes to the extranet. Note that Confluence Administrators have these rights by default and will not get the role explicitly.

Switch an Extranet Space to a standard Confluence space

You can switch an Extranet Space back to a standard Confluence space.

Just open the Space tools →  Overview and click on the tab "Convert to default space". 

The space description prefix 'Extranet Space' and the space label 'extranet' will be removed after conversion.

Note that all space permissions, except for space administrators, will be removed. So you have to set them again after conversion.

(warning) Beachten Sie, dass beim Unwandeln von Bereichen alle bisherigen Berechtigungen entfernt werden und Benutzer mit Hilfe der vordefinierten Rollen neu zugewiesen werden müssen. 

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