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When introducing JIRA, our consultants are often confronted with an already existing infrastructure and a variety of ALM systems. While the importance of using JIRA as a new tool for teams in the company is acknowledged, the integration and synchronization with the already existing infrastructure is a hurdle for many companies. This hurdle can be jumped using the ConnectAll adapters. This lets all teams and departments use the ALM tool which provides the most value for them, and synchronizes the tasks and projects with JIRA for when cross-group cooperation is required.

What is ConnectAll?

ConnectAll is not a system that replaces other systems - it connects them. Each team can and should use the ALM tool which best suits their needs and provides the most value. The adapter can even synchronize two identical ALM instances, for example, when limited access is granted to the main system to a distributed team, but supports collaboration on a project-by-project basis. ConnectAll connects all systems and fully synchronizes the data, requirements and workflows automatically, bi-directionally and in real-time.

ConnectAll is not an add-on, it is an adapter that is installed on the server. This separation between data and business requirements means that you can meet your corporate governance needs without having to modify the adapter. Synchronization conflicts are automatically resolved. ConnectAll also guarantees their customers messaging and secure connection functionality. Both agile and classical approaches are supported, the adapter can be adapted to your individual needs.

Which systems can be integrated?

AtlassianJIRA Software, JIRA Service Desk, JIRA Core, JIRA (4-6), HipChat
DatabasesOracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Postgres
Heat SoftwareHeat Software
HPALM (Server and SaaS), Quality Center (Server and SaaS), Service Manager
MicrosoftTFS, Project Online, Project Server, Dynamics, VSTS
IBMRational DOORS, Rational DOORS NG, Rational ClearQuest, Rational ClearCase, Rational Team Concert
RallyRally Software
SeapineSeapine TTP
PerforcePerforce, Helix
SmartBearSmartBear QAComplete

How is ConnectAll built?

It is not a classic add-on, but an ESB (Enterprise System Bus) architecture. The GUI is based on an Apache Tomcat, the server is based on the Open Source Mule Community Edition ESB. ConnectAll can lighten the server's CPU load because it runs separately. This makes sense for large instances if you use the adapter exclusively for connecting two JIRA systems.

How is ConnectAll licensed?

You need at least two adapters to use ConnectAll (minimal setup of two systems on two servers, one adapter per server). ConnectAll is licensed per server instance, on which there are no limits to users, projects, etc. The adapters can be connected to both Cloud and Classic OnPremise servers.

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