First steps in your JIRA project

Define strategy and scope of JIRA

There is usually a reason for wanting to launch JIRA. Maybe you want to track and manage errors and new requirements of a software. Or you want to organize the requirements and tasks of your IT department. You know, why you need JIRA primarily. It would be sustainable and advisable to consider using JIRA for more within your business. Many of our customers use the system for a comprehensive, central task management. Would you like to do the same? Are you planning on using the task management system in various departments of your business? Why not ask marketing, accounting, human resources or sales? JIRA can do more than IT and software development. Are you aware of that?

A JIRA strategy does not mean, that suddenly all employees will access the tool and that all projects in your business are managed with it. It usually doesn't work that way. But why not inquire within the other departments of your enterprise, to see whether they would also benefit from using the software.

Directly start piloting

Results are important. Often times there are JIRA aficionados in the company, who first introduced the business to the topic. They are inspired. Help them use that momentum to get started with the tool. 

There are disadvantages of having a pilot - JIRA is often introduced in the technical departments, such as IT or software development, and doesn't make it past these departments. This usually happens because of a lack in structure, tactics and strategy. These foundations are important to permanently anchor the tool in the business. Here are a few symptoms of a lack in strategy, tactics and structure:

  • You don't know the existing JIRA plugins and have not looked into which ones are of interest to  you.
  • You have reviewed the plugins and have not even introduced JIRA Agile.
  • Your JIRA does not have adjusted workflows.
  • Your employees do not comment in JIRA issues.
  • There is not real meaning of the status in your JIRA instance.
  • There are mostly active and closed issues.

Services of //SEIBERT/MEDIA

Strategic and content consultation for JIRA at project start

Within a strategic consultation, a JIRA expert of //SEIBERT/MEDIA will introduce you to the system and familiarize you with its functions and exemplary use cases. We will explain options and possibilities of it's use for your business as well as functions and use cases. The consultation can be a phone and desktop sharing session, or a personal conversation. 

Based on our experience we recommend: 3 x 200 USD = 600 USD (1 hour on the telephone + 2 hours of JIRA software presentation) 
Lower tier: 1 x 200 USD = 200 USD (telephone conversation) / High-end: 1 x 200 USD (telephone conversation) + 3 x 200 USD (workshop at your location) = 600 USD

Learn more about our services for establishing JIRA as a task management tool.

Further information

Central task management

Many companies seem to content themselves with average project management, low levels of transparency, and less than optimal efficiency in their daily business. To an extent, excellent strategies and goals are being implemented by highly educated, extremely motivated employees according to their best knowledge and conscience. But how? Take a look around at how daily business is conducted at your enterprise. Is it ruled by Excel, Word, and Powerpoint together with Outlook emails? There are so many different versions of all these files that are constantly being distributed by mail in their various iterations and permutations.

Some managers are regularly surprised by how good their results are despite a lack of structure, discipline, and efficiency within their operational implementation.

Learn more about the basics and advantages of central task management


The web based application JIRA is the powerful, established and refined bug and issue tracking system made by Atlassian Software. JIRA allows to create, delegate, prioritize, track, check and manage tasks of any kind (software bugs, project tasks, change requirements, improvements, etc.) Implementing JIRA enables a business to a professional, systematic and effective error, task and quality management.

Learn more here about JIRA.

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