Confluence as a Worthwhile Extranet by Space Privacy

The Enterprise Wiki Confluence is the tool of choice when it comes to team work and collaboration.

With Confluence, you can conveniently reduce the flow of emails, phone calls, PDFs, etc. to a bare minimum, as these communication tools are inefficient today.

All information is readily available for each authorized user, no matter the location. The information can also be commented on and edited at any time.

Different user groups can be organized into spaces like personnel, marketing, IT, etc. and are available to all departments within the internal spaces.

The main function of Space Privacy is to make it possible to have private extranet spaces in Confluence where the user data in the space are protected from outside influences. 
Extranet users can only find, mention, and view users who belong to the same space as they themselves do. 
Because of this feature, Space Privacy can use the Enterprise Wiki Confluence as a worthwhile platform for external collaboration.

You can meet up with your customers in private secure meeting rooms and not outside on the street where any passerby can eavesdrop.

With Space Privacy and Confluence, you benefit from more direct, uncomplicated, and protected communication with your customers and external partners.

  • Save on resources 
  • Reduce errors by directly communicating
  • Ease your support
  • Increase transparency to both your customers and partners
  • Strengthen your customer and partner connections
  • Accelerate the flow of operations and projects through better coordination

Increased Protection in the Confluence Intranet through Space Privacy

Space Privacy offers you many applications for your intranet use.

 You can even create private spaces for group projects.

Do you employ external employees like accountants, lawyers or other specialists, whose user data should be protected from all other employees?

Space Privacy is also optimal for this.

Confluence as an Intra- and Extranet Solution for an Instance using Space Privacy

Space Privacy makes it possible to allow an intranet and extranet in one Confluence instance.This saves you so much on licensing costs of a second Confluence instance.

If you want to work with external users in extranet spaces but within your instance though, you might need to rethink your individualized infrastructure to see whether it is possible to have outside people reach your network or if a VPN is required on their end.

Depending on your use and needs, we highly recommend that you set up an extra Confluence system for your extranet.

If you want all intern users to see each other but extern users to only see the users (intern and extern) within there specific extranet space you have to do a little workaround.

  • Create a "dummy" extranet space.
  • Assign all intern users to one confluence group or use the confluence-users group (if you are sure that there is no extern user assigned).
  • Assign this group full with all intern users to the dummy extranet space.

Asja Hermanns, Manager for Intranet & Knowledge Management at B.Braun on her experience with Space Privacy


"We could not have introduced the external wikis without this plugin."



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