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Creating an Extranet

Create a new Extranet Space

An extranet is a space which is protected by the Space Privacy - Extranet for Confluence Plugin. In order to create a new extranet space, click "Create Space" in the dashboard or click on "Spaces" and select "Create Space". In the following dialogue select extranet space and click next. 

(info) Creators of an extranet space will automatically get the Extranet Manager Role, to make sure they can administrate the new extranet space. Note that Confluence Administrators have these rights by default and will not get the role explicitly.


Name your new Space

You can then choose a name for the extranet space, select a space key, and optionally add users or groups as extranet space manager and extranet user manager. By clicking create, the new extranet space is created. By creating an extranet space, the plugin will set up a group for every initial permissions role and an extranet group for all users who have access to this particular extranet space.

In addition the plugin will create an extranet-users group for all users in the system who are assigned to an extranet space.






Switch an existing space to an Extranet Space


You can switch an already existing Confluence space to an Extranet Space.

Just open the Space tools --> Overview and click on the tab "Convert Space to Extranet". 

(info) The space description will have a "Extranet Space" prefix after conversion

(info) Converters of an Extranet will automatically get the Extranet Manager Role, to make sure they can make changes to the extranet. Note that Confluence Administrators have these rights by default and will not get the role explicitly.





Extranet space administration

As Admin, Extranet Space Manager and Extranet User Manager you can access the extranet administration via Space tools.



Listing of all extranet users

In the Space tools Extranet Tab you can manage all usergroups of your current extranet space and view all extranet users which have been added to it.

You can delete extranet users just by clicking on the trash bin.

Groups can only be deleted in the Groups tab. Extranet Space Manager and Extranet User Manager can only be deleted in the Admin-Roles tab. 



Search for specific users in the userlist

You can filter the userlist in the Space tools tab by typing at least 2 letters in the searchbar above the list.



Assign users to an extranet

You can add existing users and groups with the autocomplete search via the tab Assign User / Assign Groups. Extranet User Managers are not able to assign groups to an Extranet Space, because you must have space administration rights at least in order to do so.

When adding users, existing Confluence groups of that user will not be deleted. The plugin also searches for LDAP users, even if they are not part of a confluence group yet.





Creating users (optional)

If you have configured the Space Privacy Extranet for Confluence Plugin accordingly, you can create new users as Extranet Space Manager or Extranet User Manager within your current extranet space. Just go to the Create User tab and fill in the user information of the user you want to create.

If there is no tab for Creating User your administrator has not set it up.



Assign new Extranet Admin Roles

To assign a new Extranet Manager or Extranet User Manager for the current extranet space, you can select users or groups in the tab Admin-Roles. You can also delete them there.

Only Global Administrators and Extranet Space Manager have access to this possibility. 


Limited visibility

Extranet users have limited visibility

Extranet users are limited to their assigned extranet space(s) and can not share content outside of their space(s). In addition, extranet users can only interact with other extranet users (i.e. via search) who are assigned to the same extranet space.

Please notice, that people, who have created a page or left a comment, will be visible, when someone is using the @-mention function - even if they were not assigned to that specific extranet space.

The following functions are limited by the Space Privacy for Confluence: List of disabled functions




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