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Space Privacy - Extranet for Confluence

Data protection at user level


Known Issue: Long running upgrade / Plugin activation

Updating to version 1.1 or the plugin activation may take some time to synchronize with the internal Confluence groups, if you have a lot of extranet spaces, users or groups.

1.1.3 Release Notes


  • Additional logging to debug mismatches between search index and space privacy data model
  • Synchronize extranet permission groups for each space and all extranet users on plugin activation.


  • User list blocked by duplicated users in the search index

1.1.2 Release Notes


  • Better error handling with a meaningful error message if local group assignment fails


  • Undefined space key in Extranet Management

1.1.1 Release Notes


  • Upgrade to version 1.1.0 fails with PostgreSQL database

1.1.0 Release Notes

Customize role permissions and assign Extranet Admin Roles by group.


  • Assign Extranet Admin Roles by Confluence groups.
  • Customize the permissions for the given extranet roles.


  • Stabilized synchronisation between Confluence and extranet groups.


  • Userpicker in space wizard depends on page where it is called.
  • Older version in page history cannot be found.
  • Users can still see people directory after withdrawal of permissions.


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