Scope of Services for Operating Packages

With our operation packages we ensure stable, high-performance servicing of your Atlassian application at predictable costs.


Operated by Seibert Media

Operation in your infrastructure(Virtual Appliance)

Initial Services
Set up of a virtual machine and basic installation of the Atlassian application.(tick)(tick)
The basic configuration of the Atlassian application (Admin Account, Mail delivery)(tick)(tick)
Support when setting up a backup within the customer's infrastructure.-(tick)
Setting up of Site2site VPNs for an LDAP connection or the VA Systems(tick)(tick)
Simple LDAP connection in accordance with the //SEIBERT/MEDIA Standard template(tick)(tick)
Operation and Backup
Hosting of the Atlassian application and its the data(tick)(error) 1
Backup restoration after data loss or failure(tick)(error) 1
Making the backup data available after cancellation of the operating package(tick)(error) 1

Provide backups or data exports for purposes other than data loss or system failure

(tick)(error) 1

24/7-monitoring of critical components and elimination of faults within the service period

Daily  data backups in an outsourced data center(tick)(error) 1
Applications and App Updates
Regular operating system updates(tick)(tick)
Regular security updates(tick)(tick)

Updates of the Atlassian application and apps, including a clone of the active system and test updates.

On request: app updates outside application updates(tick)(tick)
Change requests after GoLive phase (e.g. system configuration modifications)(tick)(tick)

Conversion of IP addresses of elementary services such as VPN and LDAP servers with early announcement by customers

Installation of new apps upon request(tick)(tick)
Data synchronization upon request from the productive to the permanent test system outside of application updates(tick)(tick)
TLS protection with Let's Encrypt or with a certificate provided by the customer(tick)(tick)
Simple LDAP connections (multiple servers, standard LDAP-Filter) ²(tick)(tick)
Set up of single sign-on (SSO) ²(tick)(tick)

Support und services to troubleshoot problems at the application-level. (Malfunction Classification 1, 2 and 3)

(tick) (tick)
Support and services to resolve issues that have arisen due to unannounced changes to customer infrastructure (e.g. changes to customer LDAP or mail servers or VPN)(tick)(tick)
Elimination of complete malfunctions due to system-level errors (e.g. resource bottlenecks in CPU, RAM, hard disk)(tick)(tick)
Simple analysis and countermeasures for performance problems(tick)(tick)
Excluded Services
Migration / Merging of data from an existing Atlassian application(error)(error)

User and group migration (e.g., merging of LDAP-systems, complex SSO-setup)

Expert advice and further configuration of the application(error)(error)
User support (error)(error)

 (tick) inclusive service

 (error) will be billed according to expenditure / not included

1: Hosting and backup are performed on Virtual Appliances (VA) in the customer infrastructure.
2: Complex LDAP connections and SSO facilities, e.g. with the need to rename user accesses, are project in nature and are not included

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