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Version 1.9 - New editor and translation possibility


  • We have implemented a WYSIWYG editor, so it's easier for you to create and edit your terms
  • Your present terms will be migrated, so there's no loss of data
  • For terms with HTML tags, you can still use an HTML editor (not supported by us)
  • If you are using Linchpin (or the Linchpin Management Plugin), you can translate your terms into different languages

Version 1.9.1 - Bugfix release

Fix for a MySQL issue with the migration from usernames to user keys. The migration task didn't handle deleted users properly. Now it does.

Version 1.9.2 - Compatibility Release

We're happy to announce Confluence 7 compatibility!

(warning) Please note, that this version does not contain any further fixes or features.
If you are not using Confluence 7, there is no need to update.

Version 1.8 - Improve PDF view

Desktop vs. PDF view

You may have designed a clear disclaimer so your PDF should look the same way. This was done in 1.8.

Empty Terms should not be displayed

If you installed the plugin in a version < 1.6 and did not configure any disclaimer, it might happen your users get an disclaimer showing ''undefined'. This disclaimer is not shown anymore in 1.8 and will be deleted once and for all.

Version 1.8.1 - Improve PDF view II

Some more adjustments for the PDF view

The PDF uses the styles of the disclaimers html view. Furthermore some special chars are handled correctly.

Version 1.8.3

This was an internal release

Version 1.8.3 - Bugfix release


  • Technical Cache fixes
  • Fix for administration overview of agreements

Version 1.8.4 - Data Center compatibility release

We are happy to announce Data Center and read only mode compatibility

Version 1.8.5 - Compatibility Release


We are now compatible with

  • Secure Login (2FA) - Confluence
  • Enterprise Password Policy - Confluence

Version 1.7 - The GDPR Release

Agreement log for user activities

Administrators are now able to see the user's status regarding the terms, such as "revoked" or "no action yet". You can therefore see which users have already accepted the terms.

Version history of previous terms

Previously, when you changed the terms, all user agreements and the previous version of the terms were deleted. To comply with the GDPR, there is now a version history for the terms and agreements. Administrators can now see the actions users took (or didn't take) to previous terms and and review earlier version's of the terms' content.

User information when revoking the terms

By revoking the terms after a user has accepted them once means that they are logged out of the system and, if configured, the administrator gets an email notification. Users will see an additional warning so they don't revoke their agreement by mistake.

API for Linchpin Mobile

Your users need to be able to accept the terms even when they are using the Linchpin Mobile app. We have implemented the backend API, and our Linchpin Mobile team will use this to implement the interface in the app.


We have added the context path for accepting and revoking the terms.

Version 1.7.1

Hotfix Release

The administration section can now always be accessed, even if the disclaimer is not accepted. This enables administrators to deactivate the plugin in case of an error.