...is an add-on for Confluence that enables you to customize your Confluence instance, make Confluence consistent with your brand, organize messy pages and spaces into neat categories and implement space layouts and templates so that Confluence is tailored to your needs. 

Why using Refined Theme?

Customizing an entire Confluence might seem like a daunting task, but rest assured, we're keeping things simple so that you can enhance your Confluence with ease. Refined Theme is designed and created in such a way that both technical and non-technical users can use it.

Select a theme from the pre-installed bundle or from the portfolio of ready-to-go themes available online. When you have a feel for your theme, edit it to fit your needs. Didn’t like that white menu? Make it transparent or dark grey. Want to use your own image? Upload an image as the background. If no ready-made theme resembles what you're after, create a new one from scratch.

A core feature in Refined Theme and a key step in making your Confluence instance neatly organized and looking great is the globally accessible navigation. Use the organizer to set up the category and content navigational structure to match the use case of your Confluence instance. Extend on the global navigation and continuity by setting up a footer section available at the bottom of your instance. Add links, news, brand logo and more. 


Number of usersCommercial licensesAcademic licenses
1010 USD10 USD
25500 USD250 USD
501,000 USD500 USD
1001,500 USD750 USD
2502,500 USD1,250 USD
5004,000 USD2,000 USD
2.0006,000 USD3,000 USD
10.0008,000 USD4,000 USD
10.000+10,000 USD5,000 USD

Benefits of the plugin

  • Differentiation
    Take Confluence away from the standard look and feel in a second with a variety of different custom themes to make Confluence more desirable to use
  • Customization
    Create a theme that suits your corporate identity using the theme editor
  • Organization
    Set navigation bars and categories the was your employees like to use Confluence

Use Cases for the plugin

  • Follow brand guidelines to customize your content
  • Create custom themes per category or space if e. g. you organize different customer portals within your intranet or extranet
  • Organize your content creating navigation bars, resonsibilities and dashboards

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