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Properties: Capture and display information in Confluence cloud

Create custom fields that capture and display specific information in forms

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Create properties
Build reusable collections of custom fields that act as form fields on your pages. A variation of field types ensures quick and reliable user input.
Embed forms
Display your properties on any Confluence page or template and collect your users feedback. Editing a page to change values isn’t even neccessary.
Generate reports
Roll up and cross-reference properties in clear overviews that don’t require any configuration.

Properties: Blueprint Creator for Confluence Cloud

Create custom fields that capture and display information in forms.

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Custom fields
Create individual forms with custom fields of different types (e.g. select, people, date fields, etc.) that are displayed and can be edited on your Confluence page.
Structure in Confluence
Plan, track, and organize all your teams' work in Confluence Cloud. No more tables, labelling pages and complex macro configurations.
Easy to Use
The straightforward and modern UI of Properties ensures consistency, reduces errors and saves you valuable time.
Seamless integration
Properties seamlessly integrates into your workflow with Confluence Cloud, enabling fast and effective ways of working.
Confluence Cloud
With Properties, we are delivering an app for the Atlassian Marketplace which can take the Blueprint Creator's values further in the innovative world of Atlassian Cloud
Version control
We also give each macro its own log so you can track who made which changes and when.

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