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  • PowerScripts for Jira - Comparison with ScriptRunner
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Why you should choose Power Scripts™ - Jira script automation

cPrime’s Power Scripts for JIRA™ is an easy to use, feature-rich plugin that will make your Jira just plain work even better.
Forget about adding tens of plugins to your Jira installation: this is all you need to create any post-function, validator, or condition in your workflows.

The philosophy was to empower the customers and to create a Jira installation that will meet the needs of the users in the most simple manner – no special knowledge of the Jira internals necessary. With that in mind we created a Jira adapted language, Simple Issue Language 4.0, or simply SIL. 

Heavy workflows, integrations with internal/external databases and enterprise systems, system updates and more, are all easily automated. But the big take away here is just how easy it is execute. Customers report a 50% reduction in implementation time. 

Here is why. Take a look at what a command looks like on Groovy (Script Runner) versus SIL (Power Scripts for Jira) 

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