180 Confluence Features

This page gives you an overview of all available features for the mature enterprise wiki software Confluence.

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Create Unlimited Spaces

Each space can be a separately managed wiki with its own administrator, permissions, and theme.

Space Permissions

Give each space its own set of permissions which are granted to users and groups by a space administrator.

Backup and Restore

Backup all the content, comments and attachments for a given space simply by exporting it to a XML file.

Space Directory

Accessible from the global header, the Space Directory allows users to view spaces by category and add spaces to their favorites list.

Export Your Content

Confluence provides a number of ways to export your content to other formats. Your content is never locked inside Confluence.

Categorize Spaces

Use space categories, a special type of label to group related spaces.

Browse by Label

Browse pages in a space by the labels used. Click on any label to view pages with that label and continue clicking labels to filter your results.

Publish Blogs

Each space in Confluence can have its own blog. Blog posts may be announcements, journal entries, status reports, or any other timely information you want to communicate.


Page Templates 

When adding a new page to a space, there's no need to create it from scratch. Instead, you can start with a page template.

Import Word Documents

Convert your Word documents into collaborative wiki pages where they are secure, searchable, viewable, and editable by users with the right permissions.

Restrict Pages

Page restrictions allow you to control who can view or edit individual pages. Child pages inherit 'view' restrictions from their parent.

Page Hierarchy 

Pages in a space can be organised into a hierarchy of parent and child pages. These page families are a simple but effective way of categorising your content.

Page Versioning

Confluence tracks every edit and maintains a version history for each page. It is easy to view changes between different versions and to restore a previous version if required.

Create Rich Content

Crowd-source meeting notes, share files, define product requirements, record project plans, and write beautiful documentation. Confluence handles it all.

Page Templates

When adding a new page to a space, there's no need to create it from scratch. Instead, you can start with a page template.

Import Word Documents

Convert your Word documents into collaborative wiki pages where they are secure, searchable, viewable, and editable by users with the right permissions.

Restrict Pages

Page restrictions allow you to control who can view or edit individual pages. Child pages inherit 'view' restrictions from their parent.

Page Hierarchy

Pages in a space can be organised into a hierarchy of parent and child pages. Thesepage families are a simple but effective way of categorising your content.

Page Versioning

Confluence tracks every edit and maintains a version history for each page. It is easy to view changes between different versions and to restore a previous version if required.


Ready-made solutions to common business problems - create content that's consistently formatted, automatically organized, and easy to find.

Share Pages

Every page has a Share button, making it easy to bring the right people into the conversations and work taking place inside Confluence.

Rename Pages

You can change a page's name at any time and Confluence will automatically change all internal links to point to your new page title.

Start Discussions

Discuss content on pages and blog posts with threaded comments. Comments are a great way for your community of users to interact with each other.

Move and Copy Pages

Move and copy pages within the existing space or even to a different space. You can display your pages in alphabetical or manual order.

Change Comments

Summarize your edits with change comments – a useful way of keeping track of the history of a page. Change comments show up in the page history and in email and RSS notifications.

Export Pages

Want to share content with someone outside of Confluence? Confluence allows you to export a single page, a family of pages, or an entire space. You can even apply custom styles to PDF output.

Enable Trackback to have Confluence send a Trackback ping to any external page you link to.

Recover Deleted Pages

Confluence automatically places deleted pages into the 'Trash.' Pages can be recovered until a space administrator empties the trash.

Rendered Page Diffs

Compare the changes between different versions of a page or blog post with rendered page diffs.

Add Labels

Labels are user-defined tags that can be applied to pages and blog posts. Labels allow users to sub-categorize pages and group content across multiple categories and spaces.


Rich Text Editor

If you can edit Microsoft Word documents, you can edit Confluence pages. It's that easy. The Confluence editor has a streamlined interface to maximize your editing space so you can create rich content with extraordinary speed and simplicity.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts make editing wicked fast. Format text, add links and edit tables all without taking your hands off the keyboard.

Advanced Table Editing

Insert new tables with simplicity. Add new rows and columns, cut, copy, and paste rows, merge and highlight cells, and sort columns.

Page Drafts

Confluence automatically saves drafts as you type so you won't lose your content if your browser crashes while editing.


Type wiki markup and watch Confluence convert it on the fly. Formatted text, tables, symbols, emoticons – it all works.

Insert Images

Display images on pages and blog posts. You can even display images as a thumbnail or display a gallery of images that your readers can view as a slideshow.

Resize & Link Images

Enter a custom width for embedded images and link them to other content like pages, blogs, and external sites.

Apply Image Effects

Creating content that looks good has never been this easy. Click an image and choose from a set of professional effects.

Embed Office Documents

Embed PowerPoints, Word documents, Excel files and PDFs directly into your page where they're instantly viewable, even if you don't have Office installed.

Autoconvert takes the links you paste into the editor – Confluence pages, JIRA issues, YouTube videos, Skitch images, Flickr photo streams, and Vimeo videos – and transforms them into the dynamic content you need.

Add Multimedia Content

You can also easily embed multimedia files into a Confluence page for viewing and playback.

@mention Others

@mentions are a great way to notify other users about content and conversations they should be involved in. Best of all, they work just like Twitter and Facebook.

Embed Web Widgets

Insert widgets like YouTube videos, Flickr slideshows, Twitter streams, Google Docs and other content from the web inside pages and blog posts.

Link to Anything 

Link to any content in the Confluence – spaces, pages, blogs, attachments, even people – with the Link Browser or magical Autocomplete.

Drag and Drop

Attach and embed images, Office documents, PDFs, audio, and video into pages by dragging and dropping them directly into the rich text editor.

Find and Replace

Find and Replace makes it easy to jump to a section of a document and update a term or phrase that's used multiple times in a page.

For the fastest linking experience possible, just type [ and the first few letters of the page you want to link to. Autocomplete suggests the page name and instantly creates the link for you.

Autocomplete for Attachments

Insert images and documents into pages by typing ! and the first few letters of the attachment name. Autocomplete instantly finds and embeds the attachment for you.

Autocomplete for Macros

The power of add-ons are just a few keystrokes away. Just type { and the name of the macro and watch Autocomplete find the macro and launch the Macro Browser for you.

Copy & Paste Images

Paste images from your clipboard directly into the editor when using Firefox or Chrome.

Property Panels

Click on any link, image, macro while editing a Confluence page to access its Property Panel. Property Panels make it quick and easy to make changes to your links, images, and macros inline.

Easy Formatting

Highlight your text, make it bold or underline all from the rich text editor toolbar. Or apply more advanced formatting like block quotes or code highlighting.

Macro Browser

Browse hundreds of macros to preview and insert in your page with the Macro Browser.

Insert Menu

The insert menu lets you quickly access to insert rich content, including macro, emoticons, links, images, and more.

Concurrent Editing

Sometimes, two or more people may edit a page at the same time. When this happens, Confluence ensures that nobody's changes are lost.


What is a Macro?

Macros allow you to add extra functionality or include dynamic content in a page.
Confluence comes bundled with dozens of macros out of the box.

Add More Macros

You can add more macros to your Confluence site by installing plugins from the Atlassian
Plugin Exchange or by creating custom user macros.

Chart Macro

The Chart macro displays a chart using data from the supplied table or tables. Choose from
pie, bar, line, area, scatter charts and more.

Gallery Macro

The gallery macro creates a thumbnail gallery from a page's attachments.

Tasklist Macro

The tasklist macro displays an editable and interactive task list.

RSS Feed Macro

The RSS feed macro embeds an external or internal RSS feed on a page and displays
the contents of that feed.

JIRA Issues Macro

The JIRA issues macro displays a custom list of issues from a JIRA site on your Confluence page.

Office Excel Macro

The Office Excel macro embeds an Office Excel document (.xls) directly into your Confluence page.

Office PowerPoint Macro

The Office PowerPoint macro embeds an Office Powerpoint document (.ppt) into your Confluence page.
You can view PowerPoints in full screen mode, display them in a slideshow, or edit them from the page.

Office Word Macro

The Office Word macro embeds an Office Word document (.doc) file into your Confluence page.

View PDF Macro

The View PDF macro embeds a PDF document (.pdf) into your Confluence page.
You can view PDFs in full screen mode and even present them in a slideshow.

Widget Connector

The widget macro embeds YouTube videos, Flickr slideshows, Twitter streams,
Google Docs and other content from the web.

HTML Macro

The HTML macro allows users to insert HTML code into a Confluence page.
The HTML macro is disabled by default.

Attachments Macro

The attachments macro creates a list of attachments of the current page and previews them inline.

Blog Posts Macro

The blog posts macro lists the most recent blog posts within in a space.

Multimedia Macro

The multimedia macro allows you to embed audio and video files in Confluence
pages and blog posts for playback.

Status Macro

The Status macro displays a colored lozenge in the editor. You can change the status while editing
in a single-click.

Change History Macro

The change history macro shows the history of version comments for the current page or blog post.

Recently Updated Macro

The recently updated macro lists the most recently changed content within Confluence.

Info Macro

The info macro highlights content as an informational note with a blue background.

No Format Macro

The no format macro displays text in monospace font within a panel, with no other formatting applied.

Note Macro

The note macro highlights content as a note with a yellow background.

Panel Macro

The panel macro displays a block of text within a customizable panel.

Tip Macro

The tip macro highlights content as a helpful tip with a green background.

Warning Macro

The warning macro highlights content as a warning note with a red background.

Content by Label Macro

The content by label macro lists pages tagged with one or more specific labels.

Labels List Macro

The labels list macro lists all labels of a space, grouped alphabetically.

Popular Labels Macro

The popular labels macro generates a list or 'heatmap' of the most popular labels.

Related Labels Macro

The related labels macro lists labels used on other pages that have labels in common
with the current page.

Recently Used Labels Macro

The recently used labels macro renders a list of the most recently used labels.

Navigation Map Macro

The navigation map macro creates a map of pages associated with a specified label.

Include Page Macro

The include page macro includes the contents of a page within another.

Excerpt Macro

The excerpt macro marks part of the page's content for use by other macros.

Excerpt Include Macro

The excerpt include macro displays the excerpted contents from another page in any
Space in Confluence.

Expand Macro

The Expand macro allows you to add a dynamically expandable section of text to your page.

Contributors Macro

The contributors macro displays a list of contributors to a page, its hierarchy or selected spaces.

Content by User Macro

The content by user macro displays a list of content created by a particular user.

Network Macro

The network macro displays all the users in your network.

User Profile Macro

The user profile macro displays a user's profile details.

User Status List Macro

The user status list macro displays a list of statuses for a user.

Favorite Pages Macro

The favorite pages macro displays a list of your favorite pages.

Page Index Macro

The page index macro creates an index of all pages within the space.

Page Tree Macro

The page tree macro displays a dynamic, hierarchical list of pages starting from a specified
parent (root) page.

Page Tree Search Macro

The page tree search macro provides a search box that searches a hierarchy of pages (Page Tree) f
rom a specified root page.

Children Macro

The children macro shows the history of version comments for the current page or news item.

Livesearch Macro

The livesearch macro embeds a search box into your Confluence page to show search results as you type.

Search Results Macro

The search results macro searches your Confluence site based on specified terms and displays
the results on the page.

Table of Contents Macro

The table of contents macro generates a hyperlinked table of contents based on the headings
present in the current page.

Anchor Macro

The anchor macro creates an anchor inside the page, which can be hyperlinked.

Section Macro

The section macro defines a section on a page, which can contain one or more column macros. 

Column Macro

The column macro lets you create a multi-column layout for your page.

Space Details Macro

The space details macro displays a table of information about the current space.

Spaces List Macro

The spaces list macro displays a list of the spaces within your Confluence site.

Page Properties Report Macro

Presents a tabulated summary of metadata that has been embedded, using the Page Properties macro,
on any page in the current Confluence space.


Attach Your Files

In Confluence, attached files are not simply uploaded and forgotten. They're a powerful part of sharing information – versioned, linkable, searchable and viewable.

Attachment Versioning

All attachments are fully versioned, with comments by their author – showing you when files were attached, by whom and why.

Control Attachment Sizes

Administrators can specify a maximum file attachment size in order to conserve server disk space.

Edit Attached Office Files

If you have Office installed, you can also edit Office files directly from the attachments page.

Drag and Drop

Attachments in Confluence work like a desktop app. Drag and drop files from your desktop directly onto your Confluence page to bulk-upload multiple files.

Search Attachments

Confluence indexes your attachments so you can search the full content of your:

  • Microsoft Word documents
  • PDF files
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • Microsoft PowerPoint presentations
  • HTML, XML, source and.txt files
  • ZIP files

Link Attachments

Use Confluence's link browser or autocomplete feature to quickly find and link to attachments anywhere in the wiki.

Preview Attached Office Files

Preview the contents of attached Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF files even if you don't have Office installed. Imagine delivering a presentation right from your wiki!

Embed Office Files

Embed entire Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF files directly in your page where they can viewed by other users. Attached images and multimedia files can also be embedded into your pages.

Bulk Download

Download all the attachments on one page into a single .zip file.

Display Attachment Lists

Use the Attachments macro to display a list of attachments in any page.


The bundled WebDAV plugin lets you browse, manage and edit attached files via Windows Explorer or any other WebDAV client.


Stay Up to Date

Confluence keeps you up to date with timely in-app notifications, email and RSS feeds. Stay updated however you like.

Share Pages and Blogs

The Share button lets you quickly share any page or blog post with other users. In just a couple of clicks you can bring the right people into the discussions and projects that are taking place in Confluence.

RSS Subscriptions

RSS is a great way to subscribe to activity in your Confluence site. You can create a secure, customized RSS feed using the RSS Feed Builder or subscribe to one of the pre-specified feeds.

Watch Blog Posts in a Space

Choose to receive an email notification when someone adds a new blog post in a particular space.

Daily Email Reports

Cut down on the emails by getting all your Confluence updates in a single daily email.

Watch Spaces

Watch a space to be notified by email of any changes to the pages or blog posts in that space.

Watch Pages

Watch a page or blog post to be notified by email whenever someone modifies it. Receive notifications for:

  • Page edits or deletions
  • Attachments (including new versions or deletions)
  • Comments (including new comments, edits or deletions)

Minor Edits

Just need to fix a typo? You can specify changes as 'minor' to prevent email notifications from going out to all page watchers.


Autowatch ensures you are always kept in the loop by automatically watching any pages or blog posts that you contribute to.

Manage Watchers

Space administrators can see who's watching a page or add watchers to any page or blog post. This helps keep others informed of important activity.

Watch All Blogs

Users can choose to watch all blogs within a Confluence site to stay abreast of all news across the site.

Network Notifications

Users can choose to watch their entire network to receive email notifications on any activity within their network.

Follow Notifications

You'll recieve an email notification whenver another user 'Follows' you in Confluence, helping you build your own Network.

Search Anything

Confluence will search all content in all spaces (global and personal), mail, personal profiles, attachments and the space description.

Search Inside Attachments

Attachments are indexed for searching just like any other content in Confluence. Confluence indexes:

  • Microsoft Word documents
  • PDF files
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and
  • Microsoft PowerPoint presentations
  • Text, HTML and XML attachments.
  • ZIP files 

Quick Navigation

Quick Navigation offers suggested search results in a dropdown as you type. Open the desired page simply by selecting it in the dropdown.

Spelling Troubles?

The full search identifies potentially misspelled words and offers "Did you mean" suggestions with your search results.

Search Filters

Narrow your search results to find exactly what you want. Confluence can restrict your search results based on:

  • Where - Particular space, favourite spaces, global spaces or personal spaces.
  • What - Particular content type (pages, news items, mail, etc).
  • When - Content last modified within a particular period of time.
  • Who - Content last modified by a particular user.

Search Your Email

Email archiving lets your team archive all emails pertaining to a particular space. Once archived, your mail is:

  • Searchable - including the full content of email attachments.
  • Viewable by anyone with appropriate permissions.
  • Threaded to keep track of whole conversations.

Preview Attachments

Preview images and Office files in search results directly from the search results page. You don't even need to have Microsoft Office installed.

Browse Related Labels

Next to the search filters, Confluence also offers a list of labels related to your search query. You can click a label to see all pages and blog posts tagged with that label.

Advanced Search

Confluence's search syntax provides more ways to refine your search. You can search exact phrases, specify excluded terms, and utlise logical operators like AND, OR and * wildcards.

Livesearch Macro

Add a search box to any Confluence page with the livesearch macro. When a user enters a search term into the search box, Confluence dynamically displays matching results as they type.

Browser Search

Add Confluence to your browser's built-in search box. Just add your Confluence site as a search provider via the dropdown menu in your browser's search box.

JIRA Integration

Application Links allows you to connect JIRA and Confluence instances. With authentication via OAuth, a host of new JIRA integration features are available.

Centralize User Management

Configure Confluence to use JIRA's user database or Crowd as the user-repository for both applications.

Single Sign-on

Crowd also provides single-sign-on (SSO) making your experience across JIRA, Confluence and other applications seamless.

Insert JIRA Issues

Report on the status of your JIRA issues by inserting them on pages. The Insert JIRA Issue dialog allows you to quickly insert recently viewed issues to embed in pages and blog posts.

JIRA Issues Macro

The JIRA issues macro allows you to display an entire list of JIRA issues within a Confluence page. Issues can be filtered and sorted however you like.

Embed JIRA Gadgets

Atlassian also uses the OpenSocial gadget specification to share content between Confluence and JIRA. Both Confluence and JIRA can act as gadget producers and consumers.

Search Confluence in JIRA

Search your Confluence knowledge base directly from JIRA using the Confluence Quicknav search gadget.

Embed Pages in JIRA

Display content from any Confluence page inside your JIRA dashboard using the Confluence page gadget. You can even edit your page from the gadget.

Create JIRA Issues

Quickly create new and embed existing JIRA issues into Confluence pages and blog posts without leaving the editor with the Insert JIRA Issue dialog.

One Activity Stream

Consolidate the activity from both systems – JIRA and Confluence – into a single activity stream.


Get Started for $10

Small teams get preferential treatment at Atlassian: Get Confluence for 10 users for $10 (includes full technical support).

Guided Installer

Installing a new instance in Confluence is a breeze. A guided wizard walks you through a new installation on Windows and Linux. We gladly assist you in the installation process.

Free for Open Source

Open Source projects and non-profit organizations can obtain free community licenses.

Unlimited Developer Licenses

Commercial license holders can generate developer licenses for staging, testing, development or QA servers.

Install or Hosted Options

Host your own instance behind the firewall or we host through Atlassian or a partner such as //SEIBERT/MEDIA on an external server.

Guided Upgrades

Get up and running with the latest version of Confluence with our guided wizard for upgrading an existing instance on Windows and Linux.

Built-in Database

Confluence Standalone ships with HSQLDB pre-packaged for evaluation purposes.

Bundled Database Drivers

Confluence includes database drivers to connect with your preferred database:

  • SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

Import Other Wikis

To enable quick migration from other wikis, the ConfluenceUniversal Wiki Converter can import your existing content (including formatting) from TWiki, Mediawiki, SharePoint, MindTouch and more.

Troubleshoot Issues

Atlassian Support Tools lets you scan log files and view suggested knowledge base articles for any potential issues in just a few clicks, and contact Atlassian support if you need help. You can also contact us at any time if you need assistance.

Connect to JIRA

Get off the ground running – Hook Confluence up with JIRA, for user management and authentication, right within the in-application setup wizard.


Almost everything you need to manage your Confluence site is available through Confluence's web interface: no messing with configuration files or scripts. Administration options include:

  • Managing users, groups and permissions across the entire site
  • Customizing the look and feel of the site
  • Managing the server's plugins and extensions
  • Configuring mail-servers for sending email notifications.

Site Backup

Backups are also a useful way to move your data from one Confluence site to another – even if you are using a completely different database. By default, Confluence backs up all data and attachments once a day to a XML backup file.

Speaking Your Language

Most user-visible pages in Confluence are internationalized and you can choose from English, French or German out of the box. We also have language packs for over 14 languages including Chinese, Czech, Danish, Finnish, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

Translating Confluence

If your language is not currently supported, you can add your own translations.


Customize Confluence

Confluence can quickly take on your organisation's look-and-feel and be extended to add the functionality you need.

Custom Layouts

The layout for any Confluence site or space can be modified by editing a few 'decorator' files.

Custom Color Schemes

Customize the color scheme of each space to give it some personality or simply match corporate branding standards.

Bundled Themes

Confluence ships with a number of bundled themes like the Documentation Theme and Easy Reader Theme. Administrators can install new themes as plugins.

Custom Stylesheets

CSS developers will be pleased to know that they can apply their own custom stylesheets to any space to give it a unique look and feel.

Universal Plugin Manager

Discovering, installing and managing plugins from the Atlassian Plugin Exchange to customize Confluence to your requirements is simple and fast with a powerful plugin manager.

Welcome Message

Customize the site welcome message to display an introduction to your Confluence site or a message of the day.


Themes allow you to personalize the 'look and feel' of Confluence. You can apply a theme to your entire Confluence site and to individual spaces.

Replace the default logo for a space or the entire site with a logo of your own choice.

Massive Plugin Ecosystem

Confluence has hundreds of plugins that enables you to expand Confluence to fit any special scenario.

Remote Interfaces

Confluence provides full web service interfaces for your applications or scripts to remotely update content, manage users or administer individual spaces. We have APIs in the form of:

  • SOAP
  • XML-RPC and
  • REST

Full Source Code Access

All commercial and academic license holders also receive full access to the Confluence source code. This gives you the flexibility to build what you need when you need it.



The Confluence dashboard provides an overview of the site and displays the most recently updated content. Users can filter on favorite content. Administrators can even create a custom welcome message.

Custom Starting Page

Registered users can choose the page to which they are directed after they log in to Confluence whether it's the dashboard or a custom page.


Favorites provides a convenient way of gaining quick access to specific pages or spaces that interest you. Quickly access your favorites from the dashboard or your profile.

Profile Pictures

You can upload your own profile picture or use one of the avatars we provide. If you upload your own picture, Confluence lets you crop it to zoom in on your face.

Status Updates

Status updates let you create "micro-blogs" of 140 characters or less that your whole company can view.

People Directory

The People Directory provides a list of all users in your Confluence site. Search for users from the people directory and click on their name or photo to see their details.


Follow what other users are doing throughout your Confluence site, by adding them to your network.

Recently Viewed Content

Confluence keeps track of pages you have recently viewed throughout your Confluence site so you can easily navigate to them later.

Hover Profile 

Get more information on a user from anywhere in the system. Simply hover over a user's name to get their hover profile which displays summary information.

Personal Spaces

Create your own personal space for expressing yourself, blogging about your work or just storing personal content online.

User Profiles

Each Confluence user has a user profile area which displays information like the user's:

  • current status
  • recent activity
  • profile picture
  • network and
  • various other fields


Confluence Groups

Users can be grouped together into user groups for more convenient administration. A user in one of these groups will automatically be granted all permissions granted to the group.

Public Signup

Customers who wish to create a publicly-facing site can enable public signup so that users can sign themselves up to the site.


Configure Confluence to deter automated spam by asking users to prove that they are human before:

  • Signing up for an account
  • Adding a comment
  • Creating a page
  • Editing a page

Space Permissions

Give each space its own set of permissions. Permissions can be granted to both users and groups by a space administrator.

Restrict Pages

Page restrictions allow you to control who can view or edit individual pages. Child pages inherit 'view' restrictions from their parent.

Centralize User Management

Delegate user management and authentication to JIRA or Crowd and give your users a single username and password for both applications.

Single Sign-on

Crowd also provides single-sign-on (SSO) making your experience across JIRA, Confluence and other applications seamless.

Unlimited Anonymous Users

Every confluence site allows for unlimited anonymous users making Confluence ideal for externally-facing sites. Administrators can assign permissions to this group separately.

Secure Administrator Sessions

Accessing administrative features requires an additional login. After validation, administrators are given a temporary session that expires after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Failed Login CAPTCHA

To protect against malicious attackers, Confluence requires users to answer a CAPTCHA question after a number of failed login attempts. This protects not only the login page but the RPC-interface as well.

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