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This content was last updated on May 09, 2017.

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How does our  Linchpin Events compare with Events & Community (RSVP)? How is Events & Community (RSVP) better? What about RSVP for Confluence


Every company has a multitude of activities: meetings, team events, corporate functions, interviews, and reviews are part of the daily routine. Creation and management - the organizational tasks surrounding registration and cancellation of participants are always time-consuming. Add-on solutions make it easy to organize events and manage participants in Confluence - just like a XING event page, but in your intranet.

The most mature add-on in this category is Linchpin Events by //SEIBERT/MEDIA. This add-on has a large number of active installations and is continually improved and extended. The Events & Community RSVP add-on by Kupper Software is on par with features and usability, but has not yet been successful in the Marketplace. The RSVP for Confluence add-on by Prepend has fewer functions and is no longer actively developed.

Below is a comparison based on price and features.


Linchpin Events and RSVP for Confluence do not differ much in price. The license costs are 4% and 10% of the license price for Confluence respectively. Events & Community (RSVP) is a bit more expensive, where the license costs are 12of the license price for Confluence.

Linchpin Events App 

Commercial License
Academic License
1010 USD10 USD
25150 USD75 USD
50280 USD140 USD
100510 USD255 USD
250990 USD495 USD
5001,540 USD770 USD
2,0001,980 USD990 USD
10,0002,530 USD1,265 USD
10,000+3,080 USD1,540 USD

RSVP for Confluence App 
Commercial License
Academic License
1010 USD10 USD
2560 USD30 USD
50110 USD55 USD
100200 USD100 USD
250400 USD200 USD
500600 USD300 USD
2,000800 USD400 USD
10,0001,000 USD500 USD
10,000+1,200 USD600 USD

Events & Community (RSVP) App
Commercial License
Academic License
1010 USD10 USD
25180 USD90 USD
50280 USD140 USD
100500 USD250 USD
250750 USD375 USD
5001,000 USD500 USD
2,0002,000 USD1,000 USD
10,0004,000 USD2,000 USD
10,000+5,000 USD2,500 USD

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