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Monitoring concept

Continuous monitoring of critical components for highly available systems

Our central monitoring concept ensures that your systems are securely set-up. We are monitoring critical components and important metrics around the clock. Depending on your selected SLA, our system administrators are informed about essential incidents immediately, within the service period, and independently begin to remedy them. Our monitoring concept allows you to counteract business-critical downtimes and increase the availability and performance of your systems.

The following components, among others, are monitored by our monitoring system:


Accessibility of the login page of the application

Simultaneous connections to the application

Number of open files and processes (threads)

Application memory utilization (JVM heap)

Application-specific checks: code cache, insecure access permissions

SSL Certificate Expiration Date

Database, Storage, Backup

The functionality of the database

The capacity of hard disk storage

Hourly snapshots of the file system (ZFS)

Daily backup of data to an external backup server


Utilization of the CPU and the main memory

Internet access

Correct synchronization of time services

The functionality of the mail dispatch

Installing operating system security updates

Exemplary representation of the data:

(Varies depending on the system)

More about operation packages:

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