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//SEIBERT/MEDIA offers you the option to outsource the hosting of your Atlassian applications. The information below provides an overview of the range of services and the associated pricing of our Atlassian-based application operation packages.

Our operation packages ensure that your Atlassian applications are operated with the highest stability and performance possible, at a predictable cost.

But you don't have to compromise on flexibility. You can host your application on-premises. We provide you with a virtual appliance, which can be quickly and easily imported into your VMWare virtualization solution. Alternatively, we can do the hosting for you in a German data center, with no additional costs. 

In both cases, you benefit from our many years of experience. We provide you with a stable, tested configuration, monitoring of your Atlassian Application, and guaranteed response times.

System operation

    • Provision of an Atlassian Virtual Appliance that you can import into your infrastructure
    • Alternative: Hosting of the Atlassian application on on a virtual server in a German data center
    • Regular operating system and security updates
    • Daily backups and monitoring of all components including the Atlassian applications
    • fixing of disturbances within the service time
    • 99,8% availability

Implementation of all Atlassian updates

    • Updates to new software versions with permission from the customer
    • Creation of a clone instance and implementation of a test update on the clone
    • Temporary hosting of the clone instance, until the release of the update under testing is approved
    • Implementation of the update on the productive instance

Excluded Services
  • First level support
  • Expenses incurred by priority 3 errors and their resolution (minor errors)
  • Customized IT services and IT support (e.g. alterations to the customer's IT infrastructure or other changed requirements)
  • Software development

The hosting requires a Atlassian Software license which is not included in the monthly price.

Data Security

Hosting governed by German data privacy requirements

The server site is in Germany (Frankfurt am Main). This means that German data protection laws and the most stringent requirements apply to all physical, personnel and electronic security measures regarding the servers and the data stored on them.

Data center certifications

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 27001
  • SSAE16 / ISAE3402

Operation of a virtual appliance in your infrastructure

  • The customer must run the virtualization solution from VMWare and can import the virtual appliance, provided in the .ova format
  • In order to customize the Virtual Machine (VM) upfront the customer must complete a Technical Questionnaire with the following information: IP for VM, Network Gateway, DNS Settings, HTTP(S)-Proxy, Mail-Server (relay host), and, if necessary, user and Active Directory credentials, BaseDN, User Filters, SSL Certificates, etc.
  • We specify the operating system used by the VM: currently the most recently updated Ubuntu LTS version 16.04
  • For low to middle numbers of users, PostgreSQL is used for the VM database. With large numbers of users, an external customer database (cluster) is possible
  • The VM must be connected to the internet (for example, using an internal proxy system). The VM and the application instance can then be reached using an internally resolved domain name
  • Access to the VM is via SSH (TCP Port 22) with a Site2Site VPN between the network at //SEIBERT/MEDIA and the customer
    • In addition, TCP Ports 80, 443, 5666 inbound and 8086 outbound on the VM must be directly accessible. Preferably, the entire VM should be directly accessible.
  • In general, customers are not given root access to the operation system, instead they will be granted a Linux user account which has some sudo privileges (for example: viewing logs, restarting services, etc.) For emergencies, we provide documentation on how the customer can obtain full root access
  • All activity and login attempts over SSH through both //SEIBERT/MEDIA and the customer's network are logged
  • We take full responsibility for the monitoring of the VM and the application instance over Site2Site VPN
  • We provide automatic, consistent backups of parts of the application instance (e.g. logical database dumps, Confluence attachments, etc.).
  • Storage of these backups within the customer's network is the responsibility of the customer
  • In addition to these backups, snapshots of the VM's disk file (e.g. with ESX Snapshots), taken every night, should be stored for at least three days by the customer
  • The customer must provide direct contacts to people responsible for the IT system, who must also respond per our agreed SLA: virtualization system (e.g. ESX) for snapshots and emergency Linux management, Active Directory for help with application login problems, backup systems for debugging and restoring backups, including potentially any external database (cluster) systems (e.g. MS SQL)
  • When anti-virus software is mandatory according to company policy, it must not take any active intervention in the VM file system, and only passively report problems to the customer's IT department


A virtual server solution hosted by //SEIBERT/MEDIA

  • //SEIBERT/MEDIA provides a managed solution of a virtual server system based on Linux.
  • There is no provision for customer access to the managed, virtualized systems.
  • A Site2Site VPN is used to access the customer's LDAP-based directory service. Via the VPN, the LDAP servers of the customer are accessible on port 389 or port 636.
  • All activity and login attempts over SSH through //SEIBERT/MEDIA are logged.
  • We take full responsibility for the monitoring of the VM and the Atlassian application.

This operation package includes a temporary clone of the live system as a test system prior to implementing an update on the live system (an hosting of the temporary clone when //SEIBERT/MEDIA hosts the live system).

Customers who require a permanent test system can purchase this service separately for a monthly flat rate.

You are interested in a hosting-solution without SLA's and all essential components for the operation of your Atlassian software for a fixed cost?
Our Atlassian Hosting Packages are perfect for you!

Hosting Package or Operation Package?

Our Atlassian Hosting Packages and our Atlassian Operation Packages have different scopes of services.

The Atlassian Operation Package includes all necessary components to operate an application for a monthly fixed price. The advantage is that you have the best security and reliability of your application for an optimal price.

The Atlassian Hosting Package includes only the components necessary to host the application, without any assurances of reaction and resolution times. Additional services required to repair or maintain optimal operation of your application separately invoiced according to the expense incurred. The advantage of this package is the low monthly cost.

Differentiation from Atlassian Operation Package


Atlassian Hosting Package

Atlassian Operation Package

Hosting of the Atlassian application(tick)(tick)
Daily data backups(tick)(tick)
Operating system backups(tick)(tick)

only recording to allow for faster analysis of problems

troubleshooting even without direct instructions from the customer
Supportemail, chatemail, chat, telephone
Service hours

Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 17:00 CEST

up to 24/7
Response and resolution times(error) best effort(tick)
Services to repair application faults (priorities 1 and 2)(error) at cost(tick)

Updates of the Atlassian application on a test and the productive instance

(error) at cost(tick)
Link to LDAP, accessible over the internet(tick)(tick)
Link to LDAP via Site2Site VPN(warning) additional monthly costs(tick)


he following service level agreements are included in the Atlassian and operation packages or can be upgraded to higher agreements. SLA Bronze is included in an Atlassian operation package, SLA Silver is included in a Linchpin operation package.

 SLA BronzeSLA Silver SLA Gold
Response Time4 hours2 workdays5 workdays2 hours4 hours2 workdays1 hour2 hours1 workday
Resolution Time---8 hours--4 hours--
Support Hourswork days from 9:00am until 5:00pm (CET/CEST)work days from 9:00am until 5:00pm (CET/CEST)work days from 7:00am until 8:00pm (CET/CEST)
Price for Atlassian Operation Packageincluded+ 100 EUR / month+ 300 EUR / month
Price for Linchpin Operation Packageincludedincluded+ 300 EUR / month
Support HoursFault reports are accepted and worked on during support hours. Response and resolution times refer to support hours.
Response TimeResponse time is the period between the report of a fault and the first action taken for failure analysis and troubleshooting.
Resolution TimeThe maximum time before troubleshooting resolves the fault or a workaround is implemented.
Work dayWork days are from Monday to Friday, with the exceptions of all public holidays in the state of Hesse, Germany.
1¹HighUnplanned complete outage, or more than 50% of all users unable to log in.
MediumSevere performance issues, central features unusable by more than 50% of users.
3LowIndividual components (macros) don't function, or few users are affected.

¹ Support requests for priority 1 und 2 must contact emergency support at //SEIBERT/MEDIA by telephone.

All expenses for the solution of priority 1 and 2 errors (operation-preventive and non-operational errors) are included.
All the prices mentioned exclude any statutory VAT applicable at time of purchase.


The hosting requires a Atlassian software license which is not included in the monthly price. The prices depend on the product and the size of the license.

Number of users1025501002505002,00010,000
Operation of Confluence or JIRA Core/Software350 EUR350 EUR400 EUR450 EUR550 EUR650 EUR850 EUR1,200 EUR
Operation of an additional test system100 EUR100 EUR120 EUR120 EUR150 EUR150 EUR200 EUR200 EUR
Number of JIRA Service Desk agents3510152550100250250+
Operation of JIRA Service Desk400 EUR450 EUR550 EUR550 EUR650 EUR850 EUR850 EUR1,200 EUR1,200 EUR
Operation of an additional test system120 EUR120 EUR150 EUR150 EUR150 EUR200 EUR200 EUR200 EUR200 EUR
Number of users1025501002505002,00010,000
Operation of Crowd300 EUR300 EUR300 EUR350 EUR400 EUR450 EUR500 EUR600 EUR
Operation of an additional test system80 EUR80 EUR80 EUR80 EUR100 EUR120 EUR120 EUR150 EUR
Number of users1025501002505002,00010,000
Operation of Bitbucket Server300 EUR300 EUR400 EUR400 EUR500 EUR550 EUR750 EUR1,100 EUR
Operation of an additional test system75 EUR75 EUR100 EUR100 EUR120 EUR150 EUR200 EUR200 EUR
Number of usersServer 1 AgentServer 2-5 AgentServer 6-10 AgentServer 11-25 AgentServer 26-100 AgentServer 101-250 Agent
Operation of Bamboo300 EUR400 EUR500 EUR650 EUR750 EUR1.000 EUR
Operation of an additional test system
75 EUR100 EUR125 EUR150 EUR200 EUR250 EUR
Number of users1025501002505002,00010,00010,000+
Operation of Linchpin450 EUR450 EUR500 EUR600 EUR750 EUR1,000 EUR1,250 EUR1,750 EUR3,000 EUR
Operation of an additional Linchpin test instance150 EUR150 EUR150 EUR150 EUR200 EUR250 EUR300 EUR400 EUR500 EUR

When purchasing more than one operation package we grant you a discount of 20%. You only pay the complete price for the most expensive package.
The test systems are not included in this discount. All the prices mentioned exclude any statutory VAT applicable at time of purchase.

Allocated server resources

We ensure the smooth and high-performance operation of your application. The price depends on the size of the license and not on rigidly allocated server resources.We generally use the following resources for the different license sizes.

License size (users)1025501002505002,00010,000
vCPUs (cores)3345681216
RAM (memory)6 GB6 GB6 GB8 GB10 GB12 GB16 GB28 GB
SSD (disk space)100 GB100 GB100 GB100 GB100 GB120 GB240 GB600 GB
Traffic120 GB120 GB120 GB160 GB160 GB240 GB480 GB1200 GB
License size (users)1025501002505002,00010,000
vCPUs (cores)2233-44-54-61016
RAM (memory)4 GB4 GB4 GB6 GB8GB8-10 GB14 GB24 GB
SSD (disk space)100 GB100GB100 GB100 GB100 GB120 GB120-240 GB240-600 GB
Traffic25 GB25 GB25-50 GB50-100 GB100-250 GB250-500 GB240-480 GB480-1200 GB
License size (users)1025501002505002,00010,000
vCPUs (cores)22223344
RAM (memory)3 GB3 GB3 GB3 GB4 GB4 GB6 GB8 GB
SSD (disk space)100 GB100GB100 GB100 GB100 GB100 GB100 GB100 GB
Traffic25 GB25 GB25 GB25 GB25 GB50 GB100 GB100 GB
License size (users)12-56-1011-2526-100101-250
vCPUs (cores)222348
RAM (memory)4 GB4 GB4 GB6 GB8 GB16 GB
SSD (disk space)160 GB160 GB200 GB200 GB200 GB300 GB
Traffic25 GB25 GB50 GB100 GB150 GB250 GB

Operation Packages

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