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With the Linchpin User Profiles app you can use the extended profile information to create a dynamic organization diagram. On every user's profile there is a tab OrgChart, showing their supervisor and any employees they are responsible for. The individual user information in the OrgChart is taken from the settings for business cards, and the display of the information is supported by the user macro.

How it works

In the app configuration under OrgCharts, you can specify which profile field is to be used to indicate the user's supervisor. This can be entered by the user in their profile, or imported from the company's global user directory.


There are no profile fields for selection?

If there are no profile fields to choose from, you'll first need to add the profile field in the Profile Editor.

Proceed as follows:

  1. Create a profile field for the superiors name, with the type "User". Create the field here.
  2. Then you can select the newly created profile field from this list and save your configuration.
  3. When the configuration is successful, an organization chart will be displayed in a tab in the users profile.

Important: If your user data is configured to use LDAP or XML, the organization chart will be available in the users profile after it is next synchronized.

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