Access all your Systems directly from your Confluence
Categorize your Apps and Websites on one page
Users collect their own apps which are relevant for them

All your favourite apps, just a single click away

In your daily work you’ll probably need a multitude of apps: project management, time tracking, code repositories or websites of any kind. With Linchpin Launchpad all your external apps are just a single click away.

Categorize apps to quickly find the one you need

In many organizations there are dozens (or hundreds) of apps that are relevant for Confluence users in day to day work. Don’t waste time searching for the one you need! Divide them up into practical categories.

Make work easy with recommended apps

Some apps are more important than others. That’s why the Linchpin Launchpad comes with a built in recommendation feature for relevant apps. You can also set apps as mandatory.


  • Access any web-based application directly from within Confluence.
  • Select and display the applications that are relevant for your users.
  • Use the intuitive selection dialog for apps with real-time updating to select/deselect applications.
  • Define as many applications as you want, and group them into categories in the add-on administration.
  • Upload icons for each application.
  • Define recommended applications for users. For example: links to timesheets, email, and their project management system.

  • In combination with the Linchpin Intranet Suite: define apps for different user groups based on their profile data, such as location, language, department, etc.
  • Use Linchpin Theme to style your Confluence easily in your Corporate Design. You will get also a useful sidebar for your apps.

Linchpin Launchpad

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