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Give your Confluence more identity with theming, orientation and user profiles

Confluence is a central knowledge management system – Linchpin essentials raises it to the next level.  Linchpin Essentials is a Confluence solution for increased engagement and improved collaboration.

Access your Confluence content quickly

Help users to find the information that's important to them! Every user can access relevant information stored centrally: Integrated navigation provides orientation and saves valuable time. You can jump to additional information quickly and easily via attractive teaser boxes.Use Linchpin Essentials to create a wiki that everyone can find their way around intuitively, and find what they're looking for quickly.

Expand your Confluence user profiles

When people work together, they want to know who they are dealing with. Portrait images, responsibilities and expertise, and personal contact information all contribute to optimal networking. Connect your team, let everyone show who they are and encourage effective networking. Create filterable phone books and expert directories, identify useful contacts or expand your own network.

Customize Confluence to match your corporate brand

When your collaboration software looks familiar, your employees will be happier to use it. Incorporate your company's corporate design into your wiki - theming goes quickly and intuitively without any programming knowledge.You can create a digital work environment that perfectly matches your applications, and even feels like a natural extension.

More Details

Confluence is a central knowledge management system – raise it to the next level.

Linchpin Essentials is the Confluence solution for increased user acceptance and improved collaboration. It is a lean solution for companies who want to get more out of their Confluence instance.

  • Custom design makes you enjoy using the wiki
  • Intuitive navigation promotes acceptance and saves time
  • Central people directory helps in your daily work
  • Filterable phone books
  • Attractive design elements to structure Confluence content

With Linchpin Essentials you will create a wiki where everyone can find their way around intuitively, and find what they're looking for quickly.


A license entitles you to install Linchpin Essentials in a Confluence instance and in its related test instances. You are not permitted to install Linchpin Essentials in other Confluence instances. Updates of Linchpin Essentials are provided free of charge for a period of 12 months after you purchase the license. After these 12 months, you can purchase a license extension, which is valid for a further 12 months: you are entitled to download all updates published during this period. License extensions cost 50% of the original license price.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

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This page was last edited on 07/07/2020.