The Linchpin Enterprise News in Your Confluence Wiki 

The Enterprise Wiki Confluence is the best tool for collaborative work. With Confluence, you can reduce your extraneous communication flow (emails, phone calls, files, etc.) to a minimum. The professional administration of internal news is one of the most important must-haves for companies’ intranet solutions.

The Linchpin Enterprise News for Confluence enables this and makes it possible to create and use flexible, personalized news concepts for Confluence-based intranets – to help you keep track of news, announcements, and other important and interesting information.

Present your news on an attractive dashboard

Put the focus on your most important news. With the Linchpin Enterprise News, your news items are always present.

Design your dashboard to be like a news magazine with pictures, videos, teasers, quotations etc. You can also select from several different layouts.


Read only the news you're really interested in

Limit the number of messages and focus on the essentials.

Overviews can be personalized by department, location or language to help you and your wiki-users see the most relevant news.

Reach all employees with important information

To ensure that the most important news is read by everyone, make users confirm they have read it.

Display specific news items for a predefined period of time (for example, for a period of maintenance) at the top of your dashboard.

Important information stays visible and doesn’t drown in the flood of news.

Profit from interaction with other Linchpin apps for the best intranet experience. 
For example get the Linchpin Intranet Suite and the Linchpin Theme to style your cover stories and the news feeds or use the profile fields of the Linchpin User Profile together with the to personalize your News.

Asja Hermanns, Manager for Intranet & Knowledge Management at B.Braun on her experience with Linchpin Enterprise News

"You can easily share personalized and target group oriented news"

"It's a basic feature, news have to exist in that way"

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