Where can I find support?

Ask your support questions here at the Helpdesk.


Which Confluence version is the Linchpin Enterprise News compatible with?

Confluence server 5.10.8 - 6.9.0

General Info

How can I find an overview of the top features?

We have listed all of the features here . You can also find our feature videos here on the  //SEIBERT/MEDIA YouTube channel .

Can I draft news items and schedule them for later publication?

Yes. With Linchpin Enterprise News, you can create news items and set a specific date when it will be automatically published.

Can you hide news items that are no longer relevant?

Yes. You can use the expiry date function to specify the date and time after which the news item will be automatically hidden.

How can I make sure everyone sees important information?

Use the Sticky function within the Linchpin Enterprise News "Cover Stories" to highlight your news item and reach all employees.

Can I make sure that news items are checked before they are published?

Yes. You can configure an approval process for all posts.

How can I prevent news being published without an image?

You can set a default image to be used when no custom thumbnail is selected. This image will be used in news feeds (the Corporate News Feed and Personal News Feed macros) and the Cover Stories macro.

I want to make sure all employees really read important information.

The Linchpin Enterprise News includes what we call Mandatory News. Any news item can be marked as mandatory news and the user has to confirm that they have read it. This way you can be sure that your news has been seen.

How can I filter news items?

You can add categories to news items as needed. Then you can display all the news from a selected category.

You can also filter news by department and location.

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